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First Page Sage moved its headquarters to Oakland in 2015, laying the groundwork for what would become the premier SEO company in the city and larger Bay Area. Over the years, we’ve taken on many Oakland-based clients as the city’s presence in the business world has grown, welcoming the likes of Pandora, Burt’s Bees, and Revolution Foods. While Oakland is probably best known for its food startups, we primarily work with clients in the software, architecture, finance, and energy industries. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our work with an owner of the Golden State Warriors as well.

Our approach to SEO is as follows: we begin each campaign by taking care of your website’s technical SEO issues; progress into keyword research; set up lead tracking; and finally, proceed into a thought leadership marketing approach, publishing 2+ original articles each week on your website while tracking results. We take a thorough, systemic approach to SEO, making our offering the most effective, highest-ROI SEO service you’re likely to encounter.

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An SEO Company Like No Other

Whereas most other Oakland and Bay Area-based SEO companies focus strictly on technical SEO with perhaps a sprinkle of content marketing, we know that content is necessary and put the majority of our resources into it.

Our service includes 2 original thought leadership articles or landing pages per week, inspired by the most commercially valuable keywords to your business. Your team includes:

  • A writer from your industry
  • A thought leadership editor focused on reader engagement
  • An SEO consultant
  • A digital artist to create graphics
  • A CRO (conversion rate optimization) expert
  • An analyst to identify trends and capture gains
  • A campaign manager as your single point of contact

You don’t hire an SEO company so you can hang your first page rankings on the wall; you want a clear, dollars-and-cents return on your investment. That is the single KPI we use to justify our campaign, with other leading indicators reported on each month but always second to revenue.

One Oakland-based client who had worked with several SEO companies in the past was pleasantly surprised to see $430,000 in new revenue directly attributable to our campaign in his first year of work with us. Year 2 was even better, with $1.6M in new revenue resulting from organic SEO traffic we attracted to the website.


Even though ROI is king, we bring far more value to the table for our clients. Here is what you can expect when you begin an SEO campaign with us:

Leadership in Your Industry:

When you become more than just a commercial entity, rising to be viewed as a source of authoritative information in your field, you are viewed differently by prospective and current clients. In the same way that you feel more confident in a firm that sets the bar in their industry with original research and insights, so too will the audience following your firm’s activities.

Higher Employee Satisfaction:

Both current and potential employees like to see what an employer has to say to the world. If your company comes across as informed, thoughtful, and future-thinking, more candidates will want to join your workforce, and current employees will take pride in their company’s expression of ideas. It’s unusual to find a company that isn’t just paying lip service to blogging, but rather publishing genuinely thought-provoking insights.

A Reputation as a Problem Solver:

Our thought leadership content begins with the seed of a search query. Each search query represents a certain intent, and often, that intent is to solve a particularly difficult issue. When you can address your customers’ issues through content, giving them just enough insight to want to reach out to your company to learn more, you’ve taken on the image of a problem-solver—and that’s exactly what you want to be.

The Ability to Meet Customers At Multiple Touchpoints:

Customers come across your brand in many ways outside of organic search, including social media, e-mail, conferences, and casual conversations with colleagues. Having truly excellent content to share with clients through multiple channels makes it more likely your brand will pop into their minds when they’re in need of a company like yours.

We take pride in not just being your local, Oakland-based content creator, but in being your marketing partner, getting to know your brand on a deep level.

Why Are We The Best SEO Company in Oakland?

In the world of SEO, the best company is the one that brings the most qualified sales leads that grow your business. That’s precisely what we do. Few other companies will go as far as setting up marketing attribution models, comparing conversion rates across landing pages, and ensuring that your marketing platform is integrated with your CRM. We do that so that we can show you very clearly your campaign’s ROI.

First Page Sage is your partner in the procurement of revenue, not just rankings. That takes a real understanding of who your customers are, why your offering is unique, and how clients engage with you. It’s then our job to sew those ideas into content that is interesting but not salesy, and leads prospective customers to think “I really should give this company a call.”

We have many case studies from Oakland-based businesses that have grown substantially from our work, and we’d love to show them to you. We prefer to be judged by our results, as all SEO companies should be.

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Get Started on Dominating Your Industry

If you’re interested in exploring working together, feel free to reach out to schedule a conversation. We’d love to answer any questions you have about a partnership and discuss your company’s needs.