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Owing to its many startups and well-established businesses, Silicon Valley is home to many SEO companies. Given the huge amount of software coding talent in Palo Alto, Mountain View, Santa Clara, and San Jose, the SEO firms in Silicon Valley tend to have a sound understanding of technical SEO. However, an SEO company should be able to deliver more: a combination of technical SEO, thought leadership marketing, conversion optimization, and data analytics. This amalgam of skills is what allows an SEO service to function more like a system, which can generate leads while you focus on higher level ideas.

Based in the SF Bay Area with dozens of clients in Silicon Valley, First Page Sage is a company based in excellence. Having been in business for almost 12 years, we have the experience to build your business an SEO machine that will attract qualified sales leads for years to come. Here is how our model works.

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What We Do

First Page Sage’s SEO service involves twice-weekly publishing of ghostwritten content on your website, all based on keywords that have long-term, transactional value to your company. The keywords we choose, type of content, and style of writing are all shared with you via a live editorial calendar at the start of each month.

The team assigned to your campaign consists of:

  • A subject matter expert writer
  • An editor focused on thought leadership
  • An SEO strategist
  • A graphic designer
  • A conversion specialist
  • A data analytics guru
  • A day-to-day campaign manager

What begins as a thorough onboarding period, replete with strategic SEO planning, identifying customer personas and brand voice, and modifying technical elements of your website, gives way to a regular cadence of publishing. Some weeks consist of thought leadership articles; some involve industry, use case, or geotargeted landing pages; and others, white papers or e-books.

As the campaign progresses, you’ll notice your website’s rankings rise for hundreds of valuable keywords. Your organic traffic levels will soon rise as well. Most importantly, you’ll notice your number of new, organic leads increases from qualified prospects.


The benefits of our work aren’t just in sales leads. Here are some other outcomes you can expect from an SEO campaign with us:

Thought Leadership:

Publishing genuinely insightful, original content on your website multiple times per week improves your reputation as a company, elevating your business to “industry leader” status in the minds of prospective and current customers and employees. Visitors to your website—whether direct, social, or organic—will be met with the impression of a cutting edge, knowledgeable business.

Cross-Channel Content:

With so many thought leadership pieces, you now have content for social media, email marketing, and conference presentations as well. Many of our articles contain custom graphics or original charts and tables based on our research for the piece. These can be repackaged for use on different platforms. We’re happy to make the social media posting process seamless for you as well, including a brief status update along with each article deliverable.

Improved Marketing Insights:

During our onboarding period, we work with you to set clear goals and agree on a marketing funnel attribution model so you know which marketing activities deserve credit for each qualified lead or sale. We also help you set up tracking through your marketing platform and integration with your CRM. This setup can be easily used to gain insights on your other marketing and advertising campaigns.

Higher Customer Satisfaction:

When used in e-mail marketing and social media, excellent content not only improves current clients’ impression of your company, it keeps them apprised of your other products and services, leading to upsells, cross sells, insights, and an overall feeling that they’re working with the best.

Our SEO service improves as it goes on and we gain more data about your organic visitors and the leads that convert to closed sales. We are constantly iterating on our work to capitalize on what’s working and clear away what’s not.

Why Are We The Best SEO Company in Silicon Valley?

Simply put, our results. While other SEO companies tout traffic numbers, keyword rankings, and other indicators that may not translate directly into revenue, we focus on attracting and converting qualified leads, following through with you until they become customers. Only then do we consider our job complete. This level of dedication is why our campaigns average $1.4M in ROAS over the first 2 years.

Of course, it takes a process to get there. Our system is something we’re extremely proud of, having been honed over many years by many brilliant team members and our clients’ feedback. Even though we’re thought leaders in our own right in the SEO industry, we’re always learning.

There’s a reason we’re the largest SEO firm in Silicon Valley, and the U.S. as a whole—our clients get value, and stay with us for many years.

Start Dominating Your Industry

If you’re interested in potentially outsourcing your SEO or thought leadership marketing efforts to us, reach out to schedule a conversation. We’d be happy to grab coffee at Coupa or lunch at the Rosewood and answer your questions about SEO.