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SEO for Security Companies

First Page Sage has over 12 years of experience providing SEO services for security companies ranging from home alarm systems installers, to security guard providers, to B2B security consultants. Our approach treats SEO as a system, using a combination of thought leadershipsearch intent analysis, and conversion optimization.

Google is the first place that homeowners and businesses look when choosing a security company to work with. The companies that proactively invest in positioning their website on the first page find that their website can provide a consistent source of new leads


Security companies have partnered with us to create:

  • An industry-segmented editorial series on security best practices and compliance with common insurance requirements
  • A white paper on the expected ROI of physical access control systems
  • Annual reports on physical security trends for corporate office buildings
  • A guide to choosing a security contractor for trade shows and other professional events

Security SEO ROI

SEO results in excellent ROI for security companies,  averaging $1.3M per year in new, net revenue per year. Business decision makers who originate from SEO place a greater degree of trust in their security partners, leading to lower CACs and increased LTVs.


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Other relevant SEO stats for Security Companies:

  • Average engagement rate: 65%
  • Average time on site: 3:19
  • Landing page conversion rate: 1.5%

Security Company SEO: Our Approach

We base our approach to SEO on the philosophy behind Google’s algorithm updates and searcher psychology. When someone types a phrase into Google, there is an implicit problem they’re trying to solve or a question they’re trying to answer. This is what we call search intent. Google’s goal, then, is to connect that searcher with the web page that best solves the searcher’s problem or answers their question.

At the start of a campaign, our first step is to understand exactly who your prospective customers are and what security challenges they currently face. This becomes the basis for a Hub & Spoke strategy that outlines every commercially valuable keyword your customers search, as well as what kind of content will resonate best with them.

Content production is the next phase of our campaign. Our expert writers will work closely with your security experts to create industry leading blog articles, landing pages, and other specialized content like white papers and reports that speak directly to the needs of your target audience. After 4-6 months of regular publishing, your website will be awarded the News Website Bonus, leading to increased rankings, visitors, and ultimately, an influx of new leads.