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SEO for Senior Living Communities

First Page Sage has over 12 years of experience providing SEO for senior living communities, including independent living communities, continuing care facilities, and nursing homes. Our approach combines a geotargeted Hub & Spoke strategy with trust-building, ghostwritten content to secure first page rankings for valuable keywords.

Without a direct referral, Google is the first place seniors and family members turn when looking for a retirement home. Making sure your community’s name is at the top of the search results creates a reliable way for new residents to learn about your homes.

Senior living communities that we’ve provided SEO services for include:


Recycling & Waste Management Companies have partnered with us to create:

  • A blog series on reducing manufacturing costs by sourcing recycled materials, and selling manufacturing remnants to create a secondary revenue stream
  • Guides to producing custom alloys using recycled metals, manufacturing remnants, and rare metal scrap as alloying elements
  • Quarterly reports on commodity price trends for steel and aluminum, and their effects on the manufacturing sector
  • Geotargeted landing pages on commercial e-waste pickup and recycling services

Recycling & Waste Management SEO ROI

SEO results in excellent ROI for recycling & waste management companies,  averaging $1.8M per year in new, net revenue per year. SEO results in lower CACs than other marketing channels, and provides a foundation for a systematized online lead generation system.


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Other relevant SEO stats for Recycling & Waste Management Companies:

  • Average engagement rate: 64%
  • Average time on site: 2:24
  • Landing page conversion rate: 1.9%

Recycling & Waste Management SEO: Our Approach

The philosophy behind Google’s Algorithm is easy to understand: it seeks to connect searchers with the content that best addresses the intent behind their query. Our approach to SEO is built on this idea: we create a strategy to target transactional keywords that indicate that their searcher is actively looking for a waste management solution or a source of recycled materials.

We organize this strategy according to the Hub & Spoke model, which signals to Google that your website is a niche expert in recycling and waste management, allowing for higher rankings than non-expert websites. We combine this with frequent content publishing, activating the News Website Bonus and increasing your domain authority accordingly. Each of these pieces of content will be an original piece of thought leadership, and optimized to convert the visitors it brings to your website.