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SEO Services for Adtech Companies

At First Page Sage, we’ve worked with adtech companies for over 13 years. We combine expert-level thought leadership content with the Hub & Spoke SEO model to secure high search rankings for our clients.

Adtech startups often find that they must not only attract new leads, but also act as educators to explain the potential of their new technologies. SEO assists with both of these needs by attracting organic traffic and providing excellent lead nurturing materials, thereby creating high long-term ROI for adtech companies.


Adtech companies have partnered with us to create:

  • A blog series discussing mobile advertising best practices
  • Quarterly reports discussing updates to digital major advertising platforms, including Google Ads, Xandr, and Demandbase
  • A white paper comparing of programmatic direct, programmatic guaranteed, and real-time bidding from an ad buyer’s perspective.
  • Resource hubs on data management platforms for publishers

Adtech SEO ROI

Adtech is one of our most successful client groups, averaging $2.4M per year in new, net revenue. Organic traffic results in high conversion rates and low CACs, leading to high overall ROI.


Ecommerce Roi

Other Relevant SEO Stats for Biotech Companies:

  • Average engagement rate: 60%
  • Average time on site: 2:55
  • Landing page conversion rate: 1.4%

Our Approach to Adtech SEO

Out adtech campaigns are founded on our research into Google’s search algorithm. Google’s success was founded on their ability to connect searchers with the content that best answers the implicit question behind the searcher’s query, and each update Google makes furthers this goal. Securing high search rankings for our adtech clients, then, requires creating content that successfully answers the search intent of each commercially valuable keyword their customers search when looking for a new adtech platform.

We begin our process with an in-depth interview during which our writers meet your team and learn everything they can about you and your advertising technology. Our strategists determine your most valuable customer segments, and create 12-month strategy that lays out each piece of fully original content we will create and publish on your website. Each blog post, landing page, or white paper we create for you will be optimized to target a single adtech keyword, and designed to push visitors through your conversion funnel becoming valuable leads for your sales team. After 4-6 months of regular publishing, your site will experience the News Website Bonus, leading to an increase in search rankings, traffic, and new leads.