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Best SEO Company in Napa, CA

While Napa Valley is known primarily as the heart of California’s wine country, it’s also a growing hub for some of California’s most innovative businesses. First Page Sage is proud to be a local SEO agency and partner to many of those businesses. We’ve brought our talents to dozens of companies in the Napa area, with client relationships in Rutherford, Calistoga, St Helena, Yountville, and the city of Napa.

At the same time, our single-minded dedication to quality has helped us become the largest SEO agency in the United States. We specialize in lead generation—we’re not content with simply bringing more organic traffic to our clients’ websites, we expect significant increases in customer acquisition and revenue. The ROI we’ve generated for our clients speaks for itself.

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A Philosophy of Excellence

We don’t see ourselves as just another SEO vendor, but instead strive to be a true partner to our clients. That’s why we spend the first six weeks of your campaign learning about your business. That knowledge then allows us to customize our strategy to achieve your marketing goals as efficiently as possible. We expect you to judge our work by KPIs such as qualified sales leads and ROI.

Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists

As part of our initial research, our web developers carefully assess your website and identify conversion issues. We then prepare a set of recommendations, and help you implement any changes we recommend. Our on-staff experts in conversion rate optimization, UI & UX design, analytics, and marketing attribution ensure that you have all the knowledge needed to near-automate your lead generation.


B2B Lead Generation Experts

The bulk of our experience is in generating leads for B2B companies. While our top industries are B2B SaaSmanufacturingindustrial services, and financial services, we can handle any technical topic. Our approach to SEO involves hiring a subject matter expert for each campaign so that we can write in the voice of both your brand and industry.

Data-Driven Results

A campaign without measurement is a campaign without utility. We set up robust reporting, tracking, and attribution systems for all of our clients that allow us to see exactly which marketing strategies are working and which aren’t. Our weekly reports ensure you know precisely how your marketing spend justifies itself.

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Now that you know a little bit about our approach to SEO, here are some specifics about how we conduct a campaign with your Napa-based business.

  • During our ~6-week onboarding period, we do extensive keyword research and planning, identifying your most valuable transactional and research-oriented keywords.
  • We then build an Editorial Calendar spanning the first 3 months of your campaign, complete with columns for the SEO keyword, article title, page type, content ideas, date of draft, and date of final publishing.
  • After onboarding, we begin our publishing cadence of two original thought leadership articles or landing pages each week for one year.
  • We check in weekly by video or phone, going over leading indicators like rankings, organic traffic, and user engagement, and as the campaign progresses and your site has earned the “news website” bonus, we discuss the quality of the new leads coming in.

In addition to the strategic planning, content marketing, and analysis we provide, there are several other key benefits to working together:

Cross Channel Marketing

With so much excellent, original content flowing into your company, you now have excellent fodder for email and social media marketing. We can help you post on LinkedIn or other relevant social media, and send out a monthly e-mail.

Status as a Thought Leader

Many content marketing companies do little more than follow basic SEO requirements and produce cookie-cutter content. Our writers are industry experts in their own right and provide genuine insights that increase your company’s reputation.

A Complete Team

We assign every client a team that includes writers, an editor, an SEO strategist, a reporting specialist, a web developer, and a campaign manager to coordinate the campaign. This is the ideal collection of specialists to create a successful SEO & lead generation campaign.

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If you’re interested in working with a local Napa SEO agency that’s as dedicated to excellence as you are, feel free to reach out. We’re excited to learn about your business and find out if we’d make a good partner for you.