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Top SEO Company in San Jose, California

As a business hub in Silicon Valley, San Jose is home to 22 companies that describe themselves as “SEO companies”; however, only one, First Page Sage, is solely dedicated to SEO. (The others are typical agencies that mostly do PPC marketing, along with some web design, SEO, and social media.)

At First Page Sage, we’re strong believers in being really, really good at one thing. SEO is complex enough as it is—blending technical website analysis with keyword research, thought leadership marketing, conversion optimization, and analytics—that we can’t imagine claiming to be experts at anything except it.

We believe this level of dedication to being the best at SEO is what has made us the largest SEO firm in the Bay Area. Our success as an agency comes from retaining our clients, acting like a true partner to them, and continually producing a very high ROI.

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Your Strategic SEO Team

What makes First Page Sage unique? It’s our laser focus on SEO, made possible by a dedicated team of collaborative specialists:
  • A writer with expertise in your niche
  • An editor trained in thought leadership
  • An SEO consultant to lead your campaign’s strategy
  • A graphic designer to create custom tables, charts, and illustrations
  • A conversion optimizer who tweaks your UI based on visitor behavior and conversion rate
  • A data specialist who analyzes and acts on your campaign’s results
  • A campaign manager as your regular point of contact

We spend weeks getting to know your brand and your competitive landscape before designing an SEO strategy tailored to you. To ensure everything is just right from onboarding through the last day of your engagement, your campaign manager meets with you regularly.

We know our process is working when our clients feel their lead generation is systematized, with a stream of leads arriving through SEO consistently.

We begin each campaign by resolving technical SEO issues and setting up lead tracking. We then conduct rigorous keyword research before beginning content production. Several months later, you’ll see a rise in SERPs and conversions. By the end of a year with us, your competitors will be looking at your website and saying “Oh God, we have to do all that?”

Hundreds of companies—from enterprises to Fortune 500s, both B2B and B2C—have grown in partnership with our firm.

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Our services include the following:

Technical SEO:

We will conduct a complete site audit, assessing your site’s speed, quality, and user experience. Then, we work with you to implement back-end improvements and resolve any concerns before making sure each page on your website has the perfect meta page title.

Thought Leadership:

Of all marketing strategies, thought leadership provides the highest ROI. Our expert team prepares and publishes at least two targeted blog posts and landing pages each week that demonstrate your leadership in your field. Through publishing these each week, you’ll earn Google’s “news site bonus” — and rise rapidly in your potential clients’ search results.

Conversion Optimization:

Our thought leadership and site design will not only increase traffic but also make sure those qualified leads take the next step. Getting you page views is only the first part of our work, so we constantly refine our strategy to make sure those visitors become buyers. Using seamless calls-to-action, we help you achieve higher conversion rates and increased sales and ROI.

Cross-Channel Content:

Our production of at least two pieces of high-quality content each week means you have valuable material for cross-channel marketing. We’ll help you repackage each piece for other channels, whether it’s social media and email marketing or conference presentations and white papers.

First Page Sage has been serving the San Jose community for over 10 years. We’ve worked with local companies in a wide variety of industries, ranging from real estate and financial services to PCBs and energy, oil and gas.

What Makes Us San Jose’s Best SEO Company?

As a dedicated partner to San Jose businesses, we strive to provide the best service possible. Our first weeks are spent getting to know every detail of your business, so we can develop the perfect campaign strategy for your needs. We’ll build out a live editorial calendar so you can know exactly what to expect each week.

We understand that at the end of the day, nothing is more important than ROI. That’s why we emphasize careful keyword selection, making sure each keyword we target has long-term, transactional value. By focusing on attracting leads who are ready to commit, we make sure you see a return from each piece of content we publish.

And we take pride in the quality of our content. Our team of writers are experts in their fields, and each blog article we produce for you will be an original, thoughtful work filled with unique insights that your visitors can’t get anywhere else.  We believe that each blog article we write for you should define the conversation around its keyword.

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Let’s Get to Work

If our services sound like the help you’re looking for, please feel free to contact one of our SEO experts. We’d be glad to talk about your goals and how we can help you achieve them.