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SEO for Engineering Companies

Most engineering companies rely on RFQs and direct referrals for their lead generation, with SEO a distant afterthought. As a result, there is little competition for many commercially valuable engineering keywords, and firms that proactively invest in organic search see excellent returns.

At First Page Sage, we have over 12 years of experience working with engineering companies, including civil, mechanical, electrical, environmental, and avionics engineering firms. Our approach to SEO focuses on lead generation and producing a high ROI using a systematizing combination of thought leadership and conversion-optimization.

Engineering companies that we’ve provided SEO services for include:


Engineering Companies have partnered with us to create:

  • An editorial series on regulations and standards for Class 2 and 3 medical devices
  • A white paper on the use of plastics additive alternatives in manufacturing
  • Landing pages showcasing custom design and build services for brushless linear motors
  • A Case study on a PCBA aboard the Mars 2020 lander

Engineering SEO ROI

SEO results in excellent ROI for engineering firms, averaging $1.6M per year in annual new, net revenue. Business decision makers who originate from SEO place a greater degree of trust in their choice of partner, leading to lower CACs and increased LTVs.


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Other Relevant SEO Stats for Engineering Companies:

  • Average engagement rate: 69%
  • Average time on site: 3:00
  • Landing page conversion rate: 1.2%

Engineering SEO: Our Approach

Our approach to SEO is based on our empirical study of Google’s Algorithm, and our understanding of the philosophy driving Google’s updates over the past 12 years. Simply put, Google seeks to connect searchers with content that directly answers the intent of their search. As a result, securing high search rankings long-term requires two things:

  1. A comprehensive understanding of search intent, and
  2. A writing team capable of delivering content perfectly tailored to that intent

This is much more easily said than done, particularly when it comes to highly technical fields. That’s why the most common challenge engineering companies face when engaging with an SEO agency is finding a partner who truly understands their business. To address this challenge, our engineering SEO teams include:

  • An SEO strategist who will research transactional keywords and develop a custom 12-month Hub and Spoke-based SEO strategy
  • Writers experienced in working with subject matter experts to create industry-leading content
  • An Editor to conversion optimize each piece of content and ensure it adheres to your firm’s tone and branding guidelines
  • Web Developers to resolve any technical issues that may prevent your pages from ranking, and build blogs and landing pages on your website
  • A Graphic Designer to create original graphics to quickly demonstrate complex engineering concepts, making your content stand out from your competitors
  • A Reporting Specialist who will ensure that the campaign stays on track, and generates real ROI for your firm
  • A Campaign Manager to serve as your main point of contact for the entire campaign, and as project manager for the team

By the end of a campaign, we aim to turn your website into a comprehensive demand generation system, allowing your team to focus on delivering high quality engineering services to your customers.

If you’re ready to learn more about our SEO services for engineering companies, contact us below: