Fintech Valuation Multiples: 2023 Report

Last Updated: July 20, 2023

Our analysts recently compiled data on private fintech M&A deals from Q1 2022 to Q3 2023 using private equity networks, expert interviews, and proprietary research to determine accurate fintech valuation multiples in today’s environment. The valuation multiples are displayed in the tables below, and are further segmented by industry. (Sources)

Below, we present a table for both revenue multiple and EBITDA multiple; while both are common, revenue multiple is preferred in fintech M&A because of the high-growth, high-burn nature of these businesses.

Private Fintech Revenue Multiples – 2023

Company Type Revenue Range
$1-5M $6-10M $10-75M
Accounting 3.7x 5.4x 6.1x
Banking – Commercial 4.2x 5.7x 6.8x
Banking – Consumer 4.6x 5.8x 7.1x
Capital Raising 3.8x 6x 6.9x
Cryptocurrency 4.1x 5.2x 6x
Equity Financing 4.8x 5.6x 6.7x
Insurance 4.7x 5.9x 7.1x
Investing/Trading 5x 5.7x 7.5x
Lending 4.4x 5.5x 6.9x
Money Transfer 4.6x 5.8x 6.8x
Payment Solutions 5x 5.6x 6.7x
Regulatory 3.6x 5.4x 6.4x
Wealth Management 3.5x 5.9x 7.2x

Private Fintech EBITDA Multiples – 2023

Company Type EBITDA Range
$1-3M $3-5M $5-10M
Accounting 11x 13.5x 15.2x
Banking – Commercial 12.2x 14.8x 17.5x
Banking – Consumer 11.7x 13.2x 15.5x
Capital Raising 12.1x 14.4x 16.3x
Cryptocurrency 9.8x 11.7x 14.1x
Equity Financing 12x 14.6x 16.4x
Insurance 10.8x 12.8x 14.1x
Investing/Trading 12.6x 15.1x 18.2x
Lending 12.5x 14.7x 16.5x
Money Transfer 13.4x 15.1x 17.4x
Payment Solutions 12.8x 14.9x 16.8x
Regulatory 11.4x 13.7x 15.6x
Wealth Management 14.9x 16.4x 18.1x

The following sections provide further context to the data above, offering a high-level overview of the current M&A environment for fintech companies, as well as suggestions for how to sell a fintech company in 2023.

The 2023 M&A Market for Fintech Companies

Although the M&A market has experienced a decline in total deals in nearly every sector, fintech remains relatively unaffected. Our research recorded nearly 600 private fintech deals, this number nearly doubling pre-pandemic levels—which peaked at approximately ~320 deals. Given the decline in the general M&A market that began in Q2 2022, a greater appetite for M&A (and corresponding level of liquidity) is evident within fintech.

While the total number of deals saw an increase, valuation multiples—both revenue and EBITDA—have declined over the last 12 months. For example, the median revenue multiple range as of Q3 2023 was 3.3x-7.2x, which is ~35% lower than it was in 2021. However, data trends show these multiples experiencing minor to moderate increases over the last 3 months.

Revenue Multiples for Private Fintech Companies, 2020-2023

Given an environment of high deal flow and relatively lower multiples, as well as the slowly rising business interest rates (currently averaging ~9%), we can draw the following conclusions: 

  • Fintech M&A is a buyer’s market in 2023. Sellers are more likely to find buyers but less likely to get a higher multiple than a few years ago, meaning buyers of all types are getting the most value out of fintech M&A transactions. (More about selling to PE firms vs. strategic buyers here.)
  • Sellers are likely to benefit from a growth advisory strategy. Assuming they have the time to grow their business for a couple years, many sellers will want to wait to sell in a more favorable environment.
  • PE is more likely to offer a higher multiple because a larger portion of their offer will be paid in equity. (More about the pros and cons of selling to private equity here.)
  • Getting a higher multiple will require skill. Sellers without the time to spare will want to consider partnering with an M&A firm to secure the best possible deal at closing.
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Selling a Fintech Company in 2023

Even experienced business owners can be overwhelmed with the process of selling their company. It’s an emotionally challenging experience by itself, made all the more difficult by the turbulence of the macroeconomic environment and the idiosyncrasies of dealmaking. 

I’ve sold multiple companies to both strategic acquirers and PE, and am happy to speak to any fellow entrepreneurs about the experience. You can contact me at the address listed below or through this website’s contact page.

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