The Top SEO Agencies for Manufacturers in 2023

To determine the top SEO agencies for manufacturers in 2023, our team researched and ranked 50+ firms using an algorithm based on the following criteria: 

  • Notable Clients (30%): Experience with high-level manufacturing clients is the strongest indicator of an agency’s ability to deliver excellent SEO services, and is therefore the highest weighted factor in our algorithm.
  • Leadership Experience Score (20%): We researched the executives and marketing leaders at each agency, assigning them a score from 1-5 based on their history both in the SEO industry as a whole, and with manufacturing companies specifically.
  • Company Size (15%): Company size correlates significantly with client retention and the ability to manage successful manufacturing SEO campaigns.
  • Years in Business (15%): Longer-lived SEO agencies have proven their ability to adapt to both Google’s algorithm updates as well as continue to secure growth for their clients during economic downturns.
  • Headquarters (10%): Being located in a major city allows agencies to access a greater professional network and talent pool than those in smaller cities, and therefore constitutes a minor factor in our ranking.
  • Approach to SEO (10%): Each agency has a unique approach to manufacturing SEO, and our ranking favors those that emphasize ROI and lead generation with their services.

In total, we analyzed 54 manufacturing SEO agencies using these filters, which our research team ultimately narrowed to the 8 below:

Top SEO Agencies for Manufacturers in 2023

Rank Company Notable Clients Leadership Experience Score (1-5) Company Size Years in Business Headquarters Approach to SEO
1 First Page Sage Swagelok, Tempo, Zetec 4.8 100-250 14 San Francisco, CA Combining manufacturing thought leadership with SEO for high-ROI lead generation
2 Kula Partners Emmerson Packaging, Essex Active, Reliable Automatic Sprinkler 4.5 11-50 19 Halifax, Nova Scotia SEO-focused web design and ABM
3 Industrial Strength Marketing ExxonMobil, Sentry, UPS 4.2 11-50 20 Nashville, TN Manufacturer brand strategy and sales enablement
4 Windmill Strategy Fast Test, Summit Engineered Automation, North Star Imaging 4.0 11-50 17 Minneapolis, MN Technical SEO and web design for manufacturers
5 Factory Web Source Porsche, Ferrari, Penske 4.0 11-50 5 Henderson, NV Social media marketing and video SEO
6 Aviate Creative Sakar, Norwalt, Cimquest, Belay Technologies 3.8 2-10 18 Long Valley, New Jersey Branding for manufacturing companies
7 Ecreative Industrial Metal Supply, Rosedale Products, Inc, Stack Plastics 4.0 11-50 24 Saint Louis Park, MN Paid search and web development for manufacturers
8 Brandpoint Birchwood, Everest Ice & Water Systems, Goodin Company 4.5 51-100 27 Hopkins, MN Combining MAT releases with SEO for manufacturers

First Page Sage

First Page Sage is the largest manufacturing SEO company in the U.S., specializing in thought leadership and content creation. Their approach uses in-depth blog articles, white papers, case studies, and industry reports to position their clients as leading authorities in the manufacturing industry. First Page Sage is best suited for manufacturers who value long-term ROI and organic growth.

  • Leadership Experience Score: 4.8
  • Company Size: 100-250
  • Years in Business: 14
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Additional Services: Web Design, Conversion Rate Optimization, Paid Search

Kula Partners

Kula Partners is a manufacturing marketing firm that joins ABM with SEO-focused web design, helping their clients secure specific, highly valuable clients. They also offer sales enablement services, providing support for smaller manufacturers with more limited teams. Because of their ABM focus, they are best at working with manufacturers in niche markets whose potential customers consist of a few very large companies.

  • Leadership Experience Score: 4.5
  • Company Size: 11-50
  • Years in Business: 19
  • Headquarters: Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Additional Services: ABM, Web Design & Development, Sales Enablement

Industrial Strength Marketing

Industrial Strength Marketing works almost exclusively with OEMS, fabricators, and contract manufacturers, bolstering their lead generation through the creation of sales enablement content. By aligning their clients’ sales and marketing efforts, they also help clients develop metrics and evaluation data, making it easier to adjust campaigns as they evolve. They are a good fit for manufacturers who need additional sales support in addition to SEO services.

  • Leadership Experience Score: 4.2
  • Company Size: 11-50
  • Years in Business: 20
  • Headquarters: Nashville, TN
  • Additional Services: Sales Enablement, Integrated Marketing, Branding

Windmill Strategy

Windmill Strategy specializes in technical SEO and web design services for manufacturing companies. They work with clients to create content strategies, then implement both UX and backend optimizations to help clients secure higher search rankings. Because they do not provide content, they are best suited for manufacturers who already have in-house writing teams.

  • Leadership Experience Score: 4.0
  • Company Size: 11-50
  • Years in Business: 17
  • Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN
  • Additional Services: Web Design & UX Optimization, ABM, Marketing Automation

Factory Web Source

Factory Web Source is a younger agency that focuses on social media and video SEO to help generate leads through a diverse array of digital marketing channels. Their clients have included high profile automotive manufacturers such as Ferrari and Porsche, and they work best with vertically integrated manufacturers who sell directly to consumers.

  • Leadership Experience Score: 4.0
  • Company Size: 11-50
  • Years in Business: 5
  • Headquarters: Henderson, NV
  • Additional Services: Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Video Production

Aviate Creative

Aviate Creative’s focus is branding and creating a unique identity for manufacturing clients based on their in the competitive landscape. This brand can then be promoted across multiple marketing channels, creating a consistent company image. Because of their creative focus,  they are best suited for either new manufacturers who need to establish a visual identity, or older manufacturers in need of a brand refresh.

  • Leadership Experience Score: 3.5
  • Company Size: 5-10
  • Years in Business: 18
  • Headquarters: Long Valley, New Jersey
  • Additional Services: Branding, Web & UX Design


Ecreative specializes in combining paid search and web development for manufacturer websites with specialized technical needs such as ERP and RFQ integration. They also offer paid search management, making their services a good fit for manufacturers who need short term lead generation and can afford the higher cost of inorganic marketing.

  • Leadership Experience Score: 4.0
  • Company Size: 11-50
  • Years in Business: 24
  • Headquarters: Saint Louis Park, MN
  • Additional Services: Web Development, Marketing Automation, Social Media Marketing


Brandpoint operates in a highly specialized niche, combining MAT releases of syndicated, sponsored content with content development services for a unique approach to manufacturing SEO. Their service straddles the line between PR and organic search, and their best work has been for companies launching new products or services.

  • Leadership Experience Score: 4.5
  • Company Size: 51-100
  • Years in Business: 27
  • Headquarters: Hopkins, MN
  • Additional Services: PR, Graphic Design, MAT Releases
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