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The Top B2B SEO Experts of 2024

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Top B2b Seo Experts

This article breaks down the top B2B SEO experts in the United States. Our research team created this list using a combination of expert interviews, proprietary research, and online reviews. The entries on the final list below are ranked according to their time in the SEO industry, publications, speaking experience, and social media influence. 

In addition to the data for the above criteria, each entry below is also listed with additional information regarding their B2B SEO specialty, whether they keep an active blog, as well as whether they are currently available per hire, as per their website.

The Top B2B SEO Experts in 2024, Ranked

Name  # Years Experience  SEO Books SEO Keynotes Social Media Followers Specialty Active SEO Blog? Available for Hire?
1 Evan Bailyn 18 3 ~260 ~149,000 Content-Based SEO Yes Yes
2 Dana DiTomaso 20 0 ~200 ~12,000 Brand Uniformity & Audience Targeting Yes Yes
3 Aleyda Solis 14 1 ~30 ~35,800 International SEO No Yes
4 AJ Ghergich 17 0 ~15 ~102,000 Technical SEO Yes Yes
5 Rand Fishkin 18 3 ~180 ~465,000 SEO Tools Yes Yes
6 Marie Hines 11 2 ~30 ~32,000 Backlinking Yes Yes
7 Robert Rose 15 2 ~300 ~40,000 Storytelling No Yes
8 Barry Schwartz 17 0 ~60 ~147,000 Google Algorithm & Web Design Yes Yes
9 Danny Sullivan 16 0 ~100 ~533,000 Google Algorithm & Education No Yes
10 Jono Alderson 14 0 ~100 ~14,000 Technical SEO & Web Development Yes Yes

The Top B2B SEO Experts: Breakdown and Contact Info

The following sections detail each of the top B2B SEO experts listed in the table above, providing an essential breakdown of their core characteristics, including a summary of their experience in B2B SEO as well as contact information.

Evan Bailyn

Evan HeadshotEvan Bailyn is the CEO of First Page Sage, the largest SEO agency in the US. He specializes in using SEO for lead generation, and using thought leadership to establish B2B clients as leaders in their industry. He has been studying Google’s algorithm for nearly two decades, which has led to him being profiled in journalistic institutions like the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Forbes.

  • Expertise: Thought Leadership & SEO
  • Contact for: Lead generation services, interviews, speaking
  • Social media: X (41,900); Facebook (107,000)
  • How to reach: For services, interview requests, or speaking inquiries, use this Contact Form
Summary of Online Reviews
Evan Bailyn provides clients with “practical, specific analysis and recommendations” that improve overall B2B SEO performance, and has a “true focus on analytics and ROI“.

Dana DiTomaso

Dana Ditomaso SpeakingDana DiTomaso is an expert on audience targeting and brand uniformity in B2B SEO. Her work focuses primarily on how to utilize digital marketing tools and market research in order to unlock deep insights into demographic trends and spending habits. Her work is divided between presiding over Kick Point agency, of which she serves as president, public speaking work, and writing as a technology columnist for CBC Edmonton.

  • Expertise: Brand uniformity
  • Contact for: Guest writing, Public speaking, demographic research
  • Social media: Facebook (N/A), X (~11.6k)
  • How to reach: Dana DiTomaso Website
Summary of Online Reviews
Dana is a “consummate professional” who provides “engaging, funny, and informative” insights on B2B SEO that are “top quality, thorough, and grounded in immerse experience.”

Aleyda Solis

Aleyda SolisAleyda Solis is an expert on international SEO, specializing in multilingual SEO and cross-border marketing for eCommerce. The 2018 Personality of the Year recipient at the European Search Awards, Solis is an accomplished public speaker and the founder of Orainti, which helps clients build their international SEO performance and facilitate web migrations.

  • Expertise: International SEO
  • Contact for: Multilingual SEO optimization, Public speaking
  • Social media: Facebook (~2.5k), X (~148.4k)
  • How to reach: Aleyda Solis Website
Summary of Online Reviews
Aleyda “bring[s] a deep understanding of the entire business” using “in-depth” knowledge and “inspirational” public speaking events. She is “the ultimate expert when it comes to SEO.”

AJ Ghergich

Aj GhergichAJ Ghergich has been a known name in B2B SEO for over 20 years. He is the Chief Digital offer at Brado, which helps healthcare companies build their unique brand, understand their target audience, and utilize targeted marketing. Ghergich’s approach to B2B marketing utilizes SEO as part of a multichannel approach to marketing which includes paid search.

  • Expertise: Technical SEO
  • Contact for: Webdev/website optimizations, Public speaking
  • Social media: X (~121.6k)
  • How to reach: AJ Ghergich Website
Summary of Online Reviews
AJ provides “thought provoking conversation” alongside “actionable advice,” providing audiences with a “proactive, accessible” professional that “consistently goes the extra mile.”

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin SpeakingRand Fishkin co-founded Moz in 2004 and has been a known name in B2B SEO ever since. His history of developing SEO tools continues with his new project Sparktoro (of which he is the CEO) which develops tools for companies to more accurately identify their target audience. He has been a public speaker in B2B SEO for years, but recent talks have focused on using digital marketing strategies tailored for startups.

  • Expertise: SEO Tools
  • Contact for: Target audience insights, public speaking
  • Social media: Facebook (~35k), X (~465.5k)
  • How to reach: Rand Fishkin Contact
Summary of Online Reviews
Rand is a “fantastic orator” with “deep” knowledge and the ability to combine “insightful advice” with “fun and engaging” public speaking events.

Marie Hines

Marie HaynesPublic speaker, consultant, and author of two books on conducting SEO campaigns, Marie Hines is a foremost authority on backlinking, drop assessment, and manual action removals. Her approach to SEO is cataloged through various contributions to Search Engine Land as well as “Unnatural Links: A Guide to Removal” and “Dr. Marie Hines’ Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines.”

  • Expertise: Backlinking strategies
  • Contact for: SEO consulting, Public speaking
  • Social media: X (~32.3k)
  • How to reach: Marie Hines Website
Summary of Online Reviews
An “exceptional” authority on B2B SEO, Marie Hines excels at “organiz[ing] complex information into simple chunks.” She is “obsessed with trying to understand how Google assesses quality.

Robert Rose

Robert RoseRobert Rose takes a unique storytelling approach to B2B SEO, engaging in a particularly large (30-40) speaking engagements every year, including virtual events, workshops, and keynote speakers. He is also the founder of the Content Advisory, which provides clients with strategic SEO consulting services. His written works on the subject span two books on SEO content strategy.

  • Expertise: SEO Storytelling
  • Contact for: Public speaking, virtual events, B2B SEO strategy
  • Social media: Instagram (~1.5k)
  • How to reach: Robert Rose Website
Summary of Online Reviews
Robert delivers “transformational experiences” through his “deep marketing expertise” which encourage companies to “think differently” about B2B SEO.

Barry Schwartz

Dr PeteServing as the CEO of both Search Engine Land and Rusty Brick, Barry Schwartz is a premier authority on technical website optimization, design, and development. Most of his commentary on B2B SEO is in the form of various blog entries on the former, however he also does a number of speaking engagements, where he speaks in detail on the most recent changes to Google’s algorithm.

  • Expertise: Google algorithm, website design
  • Contact for: Technical SEO updates, Public speaking
  • Social media: Facebook (~1.1k), X (~146k)
  • How to reach: Barry Schwartz Website
Summary of Online Reviews
Barry Schwartz is “one of the leading voices in the SEO industry globally” who has their “pulse on the Search Engine industry.” His speaking engagements are “easy-going” and “on-the-ball.”

Danny Sullivan

Danny SullivanDanny Sullivan is a cofounder of Search Engine Land and has been a public liaison for Google since 2017. His position allows him to speak on Google-based SEO practices utilizing deep insights and data which many other experts do not have access to, which he uses to help companies understand how Google works and ensure that public feedback is appropriately addressed.

  • Expertise: Google algorithm education
  • Contact for: Guest writing, public speaking
  • Social media: X (~533k)
  • How to reach: Danny Sullivan Website
Summary of Online Reviews
Danny Sullivan is “one of the leading experts on SEO” who provides novices and experts alike with the “ins and outs of search.

Jono Alderson

Jono AldersonThe CEO of Yoast, Jono Alderson specializes in technical B2B SEO, particularly for companies who use wordpress as their CMS. His company specializes in helping clients navigate the technical implementations involved in an SEO campaign, such as web dev, technical audits, performance optimization, and UI/UX updates. Alderson regularly updates the Yoast blog, where he discusses how these optimizations are best utilized for various business models.

  • Expertise: Technical SEO & Web Development
  • Contact for: SEO WordPress optimization, guest blogging
  • Social media: X (~12.8k)
  • How to reach: Jono Alderson Website
Summary of Online Reviews
Jono Alderson boasts a wide “breadth of expertise” and utilizes his teams to “turbo-charge websites, implement growth strategies, prepare for the future, and win markets.”

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