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SEO Services for Pest Control Companies

At First Page Sage, we have over 12 years of experience providing SEO services for pest control companies. We help companies focused on both residential and commercial pest control services use SEO to attract new customers and produce measurable ROI.

Pest control companies see strong returns from SEO. When a homeowner, property manager, or commercial building owner experiences a termite, ant, rodent, or other infestation, the first place they turn is Google.  Companies that invest in their Google search presence enjoy a reliable source of new clients for their services.

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Pest control companies have partnered with us to create:

  • A blog series on best practices for preventing and remedying common pests found in offices and warehouses in the Tri-State area
  • A guide to proactive pest control and avoiding health inspection violations for restaurants and F&B companies in Chicago
  • Geotargeted landing pages on residential services focusing on termite prevention, inspection, and extermination services
  • A resource library detailing how to identify and control common household pests found in the SF Bay Area

Pest Control SEO ROI

SEO results in excellent ROI for pest control companies, averaging $1.2M per year in new, net revenue per year. Searchers place more trust on companies they find through organic search, leading to lower CACs than other channels.


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Other relevant SEO stats for Pest Control Companies:

  • Average engagement rate: 66%
  • Average time on site: 2:59
  • Landing page conversion rate: 2.2%

Pest Control SEO: Our Approach

Every pest control client is different, so we’ve developed a robust process for customizing SEO campaigns for each of our clients. First, we’ll interview you and your team, learning your marketing objectives, determine who your ideal target audience is, and what your competitive advantages are compared to other pest control companies in your service area. Our team will then use search intent analysis to determine the most valuable keywords to target during the course of a campaign, build ing a tailored Hub & Spoke strategy to position your website as an industry authority.

We then move to the core of the campaign: content production. For each keyword we target, our content team creates a landing page, blog post, or a piece of more specialized content such as a white paper or a blog that is conversion-optimized and written to answer search intent intent. We publish this high quality content on your website twice a week in order to secure Google’s News Website Bonus, increasing your domain authority. After 4-6 months, you’ll see your search rankings increase significantly, leading to higher visibility for your company and an influx of organic traffic and new leads.