Actionable SEO Statistics for 2024

Last updated November 2022

The following statistics were culled from Gartner broad surveys as well as First Page Sage’s internal dataset. Our dataset is comprised of 170+ client companies split 76% B2B / 24% B2C.  

  1. The #1 organic result on Google gets almost 20x the traffic of the top ad (39.6% vs 2.1%).  Source
  2. Snippet search results receive 43.7% of the clicks on a Google results page.  Source
  3. SEO visitors convert at a 59% higher rate than PPC visitors (2.4% vs 1.3%).  Source
  4. Out of all website pages, industry trend reports have the highest conversion rate from SEO visitors at 4.8%.  Source
  5. The average ROI of a thought leadership-based SEO campaign is 748% (over a 36 month period).  Source
  6. The average Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) of a B2B SEO campaign is $647. Source
  7. The industry with the lowest CAC from SEO is eCommerce at $87; the industry with the highest CAC from SEO is Higher Education at $862.  Source
  8. The average time period until results arrive for an SEO campaign is 4-6 months. Source
  9. The average annual cost of a full-service SEO campaign in the U.S. in 2023 was $145,000 (premium) or $78,000 (low-end).  Source
  10. The U.S. city with the highest concentration of SEO agencies in the U.S. is Los Angeles, followed by San Francisco, then New York.  Source
  11. B2B companies spend, on average, 22% of their marketing budget on SEO.  Source
  12. The industries that dedicate the most marketing budget to SEO are Law, Travel, and Higher Education. Source
  13. The average length of time a visitor spends on an SEO landing page is 2 minutes, 7 seconds  Source
  14. The average bounce rate for an SEO page is 36%.  Source
  15. 92% of the people in the U.S. use Google as their primary source of research day-to-day.  Source
  16. 89% of consumers say they trust the organic results on the first page of Google.  Source
  17. 81% of B2B decision makers say they trust the organic results on the first page of Google.  Source
  18. 37% of consumers say they trust the Google search results more than a word-of-mouth recommendation.  Source
  19. 76% of B2B decision makers say they have made a purchase worth more than $100,000 based on a Google search  Source
  20. SEO’s “Full Funnel Conversion Rate” – or percentage of web visitors that convert to customers – is .032%, or 1 in 3,100 visitors.  Source
  21. The highest-converting SEO content is written at a 6th-8th grade reading level.  Source
  22. The ROI in dollars of an SEO campaign over the course of 3 years is $385,000 in year 1; $1,200,000 in Year 2; and $3,250,000 in Year 3.  Source
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