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How To Create a High Converting SaaS Landing Page

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The essence of a high converting SaaS landing page is content that provides the best possible answer to the question inherent in the visitor’s keyword search. Your job is to craft a page that accomplishes that goal.

For example, if a searcher goes to Google and searches “best customer success platforms 2024”, they are seeking a succinct comparison of the well-known customer success platforms complete with features, pricing, benefits & drawbacks, and an editorial opinion of each one. One way to deliver this content is in the form of a simple table followed by a bullet-pointed synopsis of each platform below the table. There are, however, several ways to satisfy the searcher’s intent.

This article provides the tools for creating a high converting SaaS landing page. It begins with the goal of a SaaS landing page; describes the 5 most common SaaS landing page types; then lists the necessary features for a high-converting SaaS landing page.

The Goal of A SaaS Landing Page

By the time a visitor arrives on your website, they’ve already passed the discovery stage of the digital marketing funnel, shown below. Your visitors will then self-select, with less interested visitors bouncing off your website, and genuine prospects going on to become marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

The SaaS landing page’s purpose is to move this visitor from the Interest stage through Appraisal and Confirmation—all the way to Conversion—with minimal loss of actual sales prospects along the way.

High Converting SaaS Landing Page Types

A visitor only finds themself on a SaaS landing page if they have commercial interest; however, that commercial interest is usually channeled through a dimension. For instance, they are seeking a specific type of software; a particular software feature; or a software that serves their industry. 99% of the needs your visitors arrive with fall within the 5 dimensions below: Product, Specialty, Industry, Customer, and Application.

Landing Page TypePurposeExample
ProductSales-minded. Searching for a particular type of software.Asana Project Management Software
SpecialtyFeature-minded. Seeking a specific use case of a software.Cloudflare Privacy & Data Protection
IndustrySolution-minded. Need to solve an industry-related problem.Dropbox for Construction Project Management
CustomerCustomer-minded. Seeking a provider that understands the type of user they serve.Salesforce for B2B eCommerce
ApplicationSolution-minded. Have a specific issue to address.Gusto for Payroll

As you lay out the plan for your landing pages, you should be able to identify the type of landing page you’re creating. Doing so allows you to do a better job responding to the user’s intent.

Once you know the type of landing page each visitor is seeking (based on their SEO keyword or user path), the next step is to develop a landing page strategy.

High Converting SaaS Landing Pages: Features & Example

Our agency has tracked conversion rate for 70+ SaaS companies, and we’ve compiled the most successful features of the highest-performing pages below.

 Page FeatureDescription
1A Short, Concise HeadlineA pithy phrase that doesn’t waste any words describing why the product achieves the visitor’s goals or solves their problem.
2Social Proof ElementsA series of visual elements such as client, award, or accreditation logos, that demonstrate that your product is trusted by similar or well-reputed companies.
3Product Features and HighlightsText and images that briefly explain the key features of your software; directly addressing pain points and often including pricing information.
4Mid-Page Calls-to-ActionMini-forms, demo download prompts, or links to registration walled content that provide an early opportunity for conversion.
5Paths for Further ResearchLinks to blog posts, case studies, or other resources that allow an interested visitor to learn about your software in depth.
6A Final Call-to-ActionSimple instructions with actionable next steps for a visitor to take to get in touch with your sales team or make a purchase immediately.

You can see these features on display in the screenshot below, taken from one of the Industry landing pages on the website for Dropbox, the file hosting service:

Reliably Producing High Converting SaaS Landing Pages

This guide should help you understand what’s involved in a successful SaaS landing page. However, actually creating these pages, and doing so consistently, is on a higher order of difficulty.

Many SaaS companies partner with an experienced content marketing agency such as ours to produce high-converting landing pages. We have over a decade of experience working with SaaS companies and driving high ROI and low CACs. If you’d like to discuss a partnership, contact us here.

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