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Micro Conversion Examples, Ranked by Value

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Micro conversions are early indicators of the success or failure of marketing campaigns. Taken collectively, they act as a predictor of future conversions and ultimately, sales. If you’re tracking them, you’re already in rarified air. Once you are, however, the real challenge lies in knowing which ones to focus on.

The chart below lists 12 examples of micro conversions that come from our survey of 41 client websites. (The websites were split ~80% B2B and ~20% B2C.) We’ve developed a methodology for measuring the effectiveness of each micro conversion, working backwards from the degree of success each client had in predicting conversions based on that micro conversion. Each micro conversion is scored in two ways:

Conversion Confidence Score – Estimates the chance that a visitor will convert into a qualified lead in the coming 3 months

Brand Engagement Score – Estimates a visitor’s level of engagement with the company, which is not associated with short term conversion but acts as a broader indicator of both referral and long-term conversion.

Because Conversion Confidence is a stronger signal of conversion, we weight that score .75,  and Brand Engagement .25, when calculating each micro conversion’s Overall Score.

Micro Conversions, Ranked by Value

Micro Conversion Relevance Conversion Confidence Score Brand Engagement
Overall Score
1 2 visits within 30 days, including at least one Product, Service, or About page Leaving a website and coming back to it later proves that the site was memorable, and buying intent is established by the requirement of visiting a sales-oriented page. 9 8 8.75
2 Webinar sign up Volunteering to watch an hour+ presentation indicates a real interest in the subject matter; although some percentage typically don’t show up 7 8 7.25
3 Download eBook Downloading long-form content shows a strong interest in the subject and creates an opportunity for deep engagement with your brand. 7 8 7.25
4 Visit contact page There aren’t many reasons to visit a Contact page if you’re not thinking of engaging with the business in some way; although some ultimately abandon the page after thinking further, this action demonstrates clear interest. 8 5 7.25
5 Visit 5+ pages When a visitor clicks through 5 pages or more on your site, they feel that your company is trustworthy and providing them with something of value. 7 7 7.0
6 Watch a product video Watching a product video is similar to entertaining a pitch, just slightly more passive. 7 7 7.0
7 Email link click With all the email decision makers receive, opening the email and clicking on a link shows a high degree of interest in your business’s content. 7 7 7.0
8 Tweet about company The proactivity and positivity necessary to tweet about a company indicates strong engagement. 6 9 6.75
9 Visit 3-5 pages When a visitor views more than a single page on your site, it represents genuine interest in your information. By the time they’ve visited 3+ pages, they are beginning to trust and take interest in your company. 7 6 6.75
10 LinkedIn Post Share Similar to a tweet, a share on LinkedIn indicates that your company’s content was interesting enough to someone that they wanted to create a public discussion around it. 6 8 6.5
11 Email subscribe Asking to have a company pop into your inbox is a signal of trust and interest in the information the company is proffering. 6 7 6.25
12 Time on Site >5 minutes With the average B2B website visit at less than 45 seconds and B2C at less than 30, achieving a 5 minute+ visit shows substantial interest in your information or offering. 5 7 5.5

Generating Micro Conversion Content

The most valuable micro conversions arise from engagement with insightful content on your website and in your marketing materials. The Internet is saturated with content, but very little of it stands out as genuinely useful.

We have over 12 years of experience creating this content for complex industries ranging from B2B SaaS to financial services. Our service involves creating a strategic content plan for long-form content as well as shorter content derived from it such as emails, blogs, and social posts. Our writers and subject matter experts then ghostwrite that content for you, adding engaging visuals, and distribute it for you. We hold ourselves accountable to increasing conversion rates and generating MQLs.

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to contact us here.

Evan Bailyn

Evan Bailyn is a best-selling author and award-winning speaker on the subjects of SEO and thought leadership. Contact Evan here.