The Top Lead Generation Companies in the US – 2024

Last updated: October 18, 2023

This report lists the 10 top lead generation companies in the U.S. as of 2024. From the 300+ firms that offer lead generation services, our analysts chose only the ones that describe themselves as primarily being in the business of lead generation. Thus, the list below consists of specialists.

We’ve parsed our dataset by company size, a combination of revenue and number of employees, as it is a useful proxy for the success of the lead generation program being provided. The table below presents the 10 top lead generation companies along with their location and specialty. Afterwards, we describe each company in greater detail.

The Largest Lead Generation Companies in the USA

Company Notable Clients Years in Business Size Headquarters Specialty Average Reviews
1 First Page Sage Salesforce, Verisign, Equinix 14 51-200 San Francisco, CA Long-Term Organic Lead Generation 4.8
2 CIENCE Okta, Shutterstock  8 500+ Denver, CO Outsourced SDR Teams 4.5
3 Belkins ValueLabs, Shelby Williams 6 201-500 Dover, DE International Lead Generation 4.7
4 DiscoverOrg N/A 17 50 Vancouver, WA Business Intelligence for Lead Generation 4.2
5 N3 Microsoft, Cisco, IBM 19 500+ Atlanta, GA Inside Sales Transformation 4.3
6 Ziff Davis Performance Marketing N/A 17 500+ Austin, TX Tech-Focused ABM 4.6
7 Launch Leads Mercato, Mindshare 14 51-200 Salt Lake City, UT Email Lead Generation 3.9
8 Callbox Acer, Toshiba, LexisNexis 17 500+ Los Angeles, CA Outsourced Call Center  4.5
9 Demand Works Media DocuSign, Oracle, AWS 9 11-50 Chicago, IL ABM & Email Marketing 4.0
10 The ABM Agency N/A 16 11-50 Atlanta, GA Omnichannel ABM 4.1

The section below describes each of these companies in greater detail.

First Page Sage – for Long-Term Organic Lead Generation

First Page Sage specializes in creating long-term, organic lead generation systems via thought leadership and SEO. Campaigns focus on minimizing cost per lead and maximizing ROI for their clients, with an average campaign ROI of 748%. They work with a variety of industries, ranging from healthcare to B2B SaaS.

Location: San Francisco, CA
Founded: 2009
Price Range: $$$$
Average Review Score: 4.8
Services offered:
Inbound Lead Generation, Thought Leadership SEO, Web Development, Demand Generation

Summary of Online Reviews
First Page Sage delivers “a highly strategic approach to lead generation” with “motivated and enthusiastic” teams. Results are sometimes “slower to start” but “lead quality is terrific.”

CIENCE – for Outsourced SDR Services

Describing themselves as a People-as-a-Service company, CIENCE is a Denver-based lead generation company that specializes in providing SDR teams for sales research and outreach. They also provide inbound lead qualification services, making them a good fit for companies with limited staffing to ensure that leads are being followed up on.

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2015
Price Range: $$$$
Average Review Score: 4.5
Services offered:
People-as-a-Service, Lead Qualification, Appointment Setting

Summary of Online Reviews
Cience is “very aggressive in generating sales leads” and keeps “open lines of communication”, but success depends heavily on their specific team.

Belkins — for International Lead Generation

International lead generation is a difficult process, requiring knowledge of not just the client’s product but also the best way to approach potential customers in their target country. Belkins specializes in this difficult field, and has experience providing lead generation services for brands across North and South America, Europe, and Australia.

Location: Dover, DE
Founded: 2017
Price Range: $$$$
Average Review Score: 4.7
Services offered:
Appointment Setting, Lead Research, Email Deliverability Optimization, International Lead Generation

Summary of Online Reviews
Belkins is “productive and result oriented” and delivers “excellent results”, despite being sometimes “hard to reach”.

DiscoverOrg — for Business Intelligence

Rather than traditional lead generation, DiscoverOrg is a B2B intelligence platform that uses data collection technology designed to give you deeper insights into your leads and lead funnel. They employ teams of researchers who specialize in information gathering techniques combined with a phone-based sales program to nurture leads into customers.

Location: Vancouver, WA
Founded: 2007
Price Range: $$$$
Average Review Score: 4.2
Services offered:
Business Intelligence for Lead Generation

Summary of Online Reviews
DiscoverOrg’s intelligence platform provides “up-to-date” information with “easy syncing to Salesforce”, but “industries could be sub-categorized more granularly”.

N3 — for Inside Sales Transformation

N3 specializes in two areas; inside sales services and consulting services. Companies can expect assistance and guidance on pipeline management & full cycle sales management in addition to marketing automation and cloud migration deployment. The company has been active since 2004 and its clients have included Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM.

Location: Atlanta GA
Founded: 2004
Price Range: $$$$
Average Review Score: 4.3
Services offered:
Full-cycle Sales Management, Pipeline Management, Sales Consulting

Summary of Online Reviews
N3 helps clients “accelerate sales” using a “scalable sales framework”, but their “outdated technology” that can sometimes hinder campaign success.

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing — for Tech-Focused ABM

Ziff Davis Performance Marketing specializes in using ABM to generate leads for technology companies. They use their proprietary database of potential leads to strategically profile potential customers and prioritize large accounts. They’re on the pricier end of lead generation options, however, and are best for larger businesses seeking enterprise clients.

Location: Austin TX
Founded: 2006
Price Range: $$$$
Average Review Score: 4.6
Services offered:
ABM, Appointment Setting, Business Intelligence

Summary of Online Reviews
Ziff Davis is “good for prospecting”, and offers SDR teams that “amplify sales efforts” for their clients, but their onboarding process results in a “long ramp up period”.

Launch Leads — for Email Lead Generation

Launch Leads offers scalable plans using targeted lead generation through a variety of channels, including online advertising, cold calling, and social media, but ultimately specialize in creating email lists of qualified leads. Their full service options also include content generation for those email lists, but we recommend reusing your in-house team’s content as a more cost effective lead nurturing tactic. They work with a wide variety of industries, with a particular focus on SaaS.

Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Founded: 2009
Price Range: $$$$
Average Review Score: 3.9
Services offered:
Email List Creation, Email Nurturing, Lead Revival

Summary of Online Reviews
Launch Leads has “amazing followthrough” and engage deeply with clients’ products, but are sometimes “a little slow” in scheduling with clients.

Callbox — Outsourced Call Center

Callbox utilizes a multi-channel approach to reach potential leads primarily via calling, with some social media marketing, and email marketing services. Their approach specializes in lead nurturing, developing leads into MQLs and SQLs for your sales team.

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Founded: 2004
Price Range: $$$$
Average Review Score: 4.5
Services offered:
B2B Lead Generation, ABM, International Lead Generation

Summary of Online Reviews
Callbox offers “efficient” processes with “top-notch” customer services, becoming “truly an extension of” clients’ sales teams.

Demand Works Media — ABM & Email Marketing

Demand Works Media generates leads through a combination of ABM and email marketing. They select companies based on their industry, location, business size, and other relevant attributes, and target individual decision makers at those companies.

Location: Chicago, IL
Founded: 2004
Price Range: $$$$
Average Review Score: 4.0
Services offered:
B2B Lead Generation, ABM, Email Marketing

Summary of Online Reviews
Demand Works “makes planning lead generation campaigns seamless“, but “their pricing could be more competitive“.

The ABM Agency — Omnichannel ABM

The ABM Agency is another ABM-focused lead generation company, but takes an omnichannel approach instead of relying on email marketing. They target individual buyers across a multitude of channels, including email, Google Search, LinkedIn, and retargeted ads.

Location: Atlanta, GA
Founded: 2008
Price Range: $$$$
Average Review Score: 4.1
Services offered:
B2B Lead Generation, ABM, LinkedIn Marketing, PPC

Summary of Online Reviews
The ABM Agency is “good at meeting direct deadlines“, and clients “highly rate them on their communication skills“.

The Top Lead Generation Companies in the US, by Industry

Our team has researched the top lead generation companies for each of the following industries:

  • SaaS
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Fintech & Financial Services

The full reports may be found in the links above, and the top 5 companies for each industry, as well as their industry reputation score, are listed below:

SaaS Lead Generation

Rank Agency Industry Reputation Score
1 First Page Sage 4.9
2 N3 4.7
3 Ziff Davis 4.7
4 Belkins 4.6
5 DiscoverOrg 4.4

Manufacturing Lead Generation

Rank Agency Industry Reputation Score
1 First Page Sage 5.0
2 Belkins 5.0
3 Launch Leads 4.8
4 Callbox 4.6
5  Ziff Davis 4.6

Real Estate Lead Generation

Rank Agency Industry Reputation Score
1 Belkins 4.9
2 First Page Sage 4.8
3 DiscoverOrg 4.8
4 N3 4.5
5 CIENCE 4.2

Fintech Lead Generation

Rank Agency Industry Reputation Score
1 Ziff Davis 4.8
2 First Page Sage 4.8
3 CIENCE 4.4
4 Belkins 4.4
5 Launch Leads 4.3
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