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The Top SEO Agencies for Med Spas in 2024

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Our team evaluated 40+ agencies on their ability to provide effective marketing services to med spas, using an algorithm that consists of each agency’s:

  • Notable Clients (35%): An SEO agency’s history of working with med spa clients is the strongest indicator of an agency’s ability to deliver effective SEO campaigns to other med spas. Where med spa clients were not publicly shared, we list clients in the broader aesthetic medicine sector.
  • Leadership Experience (20%): Leadership sets the direction and culture of an agency, and we assign higher scores to agencies with C-suites and other high-level management who come from both a marketing and medical practice background.
  • Company Size (10%): Agencies with more employees have demonstrated their ability to grow by creating long-lasting client relationships built on successful campaigns.
  • Year Founded (10%): Google updates their algorithm regularly, and market conditions have a strong impact on buyer and searcher behavior. Older marketing agencies have experience adapting to these changing conditions.
  • Average Reviews (25%): Publicly viewable client reviews on 3rd party websites make up the second most important factor in our ranking, with greater weight given to reviews from clients in the med spa or aesthetic medicine industry.

While we do not include location as a factor in our ranking, we list it below for convenience should any med spa marketers seeking to find a local SEO provider. The results of our team’s research are as follows:

The Top SEO Agencies for Med Spas: 2024 Report

RankCompanyNotable ClientsLeadership ExperienceCompany SizeYear FoundedHeadquartersAverage ReviewsApproach to SEO
1First Page
Harris Plastic Surgery, Warfel Institute4.9100-2502009San Francisco, CA4.9Thought leadership-based SEO for med spas
2Studio III MarketingNassif MD Med Spa, Dream Spa Medical 4.651-1002011Glendale, CA5.0Brand development and full-service marketing for aesthetic medicine firms of all types
3PlastixCharette Cosmetics Med Spa, Dani Rayne Medical Aesthetics4.72-102019
Greenville, SC
3.5Branding and tech-focused marketing for med spas
4Influx MarketingSoignez Vous, Slim Studio4.051-2002014Pasadena, CA3.5Webdev for aesthetic medicine firms
5IntrepyWifii, Infinity Health & Body4.411-502014Orlando, FL5.0SEO and graphic design services for med spas
6Growth 99Ruma, BeautiPHI, New Woman’s Clinic4.251-2002016Salt Lake City, UT4.5CRM and email marketing
7iHealthSpotCosmetic Medical Partners3.910-492005Lake Worth, FL4.8Website Design and social media for med spas
8ElectivAMA, Aesthetics Society, American Society of Plastic Surgeons4.52-102014Minneapolis, MN5.0On-site SEO for Medspa procedural clinics
9LocaliQN/A3.8500+2003McLean, VA3.9Local SEO for small businesses

First Page Sage

Fps Website

First Page Sage specializes in combining thought leadership with SEO, which is a particularly effective approach for med spas because of the high-trust nature of their services. TThis approach results in higher-quality leads who are are more likely to convert into customers, and build longer-lasting and higher LTV because their greater familiarity with the purpose and library of services their chosen med spa provides

In adidtion to top-of-funnel SEO, FPS also offers conversion oriented content like whitepapers and webinars, and web development services to ensure that any SEO need is met. Each client works with a full SEO team that includes a strategist, writers, and web developers to ensure the highest quality of work and quickest possible response time.

  • Notable Clients: Harris Plastic Surgery, Warfel Institute
  • Leadership Experience: 4.9
  • Company Size: 100-250
  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Average Reviews: 4.9
  • Approach to Marketing: Thought leadership-based SEO for med spas
  • Contact: First Page Sage wesbite
Summary of Online Reviews
First Page Sage’s content quality is “unparalleled,” and their specialized SEO teams are “organized and communicative.” Their services result in “high organic ROI” but require a “longer alignment period” while they research their client’s business.

Studio III Marketing

Studioiii Website

Studio III is a more generalized brand development and full-service marketing agency that works with firms in various industries. While they don’t have a particular medical specialty, they offer high-quality marketing services and have proven results in several industries. With their few med spa clients, they have demonstrated that their marketing strategy carries over, so start-up practices with higher budgets looking for a generally well-regarded marketing firm will likely get value from a partnership with Studio III.

  • Notable Clients: Nassif MD Med Spa, Dream Spa Medical 
  • Leadership Experience: 4.6
  • Company Size: 51-100
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Headquarters: Glendale, CA
  • Average Reviews: 5.0
  • Approach to Marketing: Brand development and full-service marketing for aesthetic medicine firms of all types
  • Contact: Studio III Marketing website
Summary of Online Reviews
Studio III Marketing has a “superb team,” and they are “thorough, responsive, and effective,” leaving their clients generally satisfied with their services.


Plastix Website

Plastix is a digital marketing agency specifically for med spas and other aesthetic medicine practices. They offer a wide variety of marketing services, with more unique additions than other providers, such as automated chatbots and video marketing. They are a tech-focused marketing brand, and as one of the newer firms on the list, the ROI on their more future-focused strategies isn’t clear yet. For those looking to take a chance on more modern advertising and on-site marketing tech tools, Plastix makes a solid partner.

  • Notable Clients: Charette Cosmetics Med Spa, Dani Rayne Medical Aesthetics
  • Leadership Experience: 4.7
  • Company Size: 2-10
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Headquarters: Greenville, SC
  • Average Reviews: 3.5
  • Approach to Marketing: Branding and tech-focused marketing for med spas
  • Contact: Plastix website
Summary of Online Reviews
Plastix staff is “very knowledgeable,” and they are “a pleasure to work with.”

Influx Marketing

Influx Website

Another option for those focused on improving their website, Influx Marketing offers excellent web development services specifically for aesthetic medicine clients. In addition, they offer other marketing services like photo and video production, as well as social media marketing, which both provide tremendous value in the med spa industry. For those who don’t feel they can handle these things in-house, Influx is a solid choice as a partner. 

  • Notable Clients: Soignez Vous, Slim Studio
  • Leadership Experience: 4.0
  • Company Size: 51-200
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Headquarters: Pasadena, CA
  • Average Reviews: 3.5
  • Approach to Marketing: 
  • Contact: Influx Marketing Website
Summary of Online Reviews
Influx Marketing offers an “outstanding” client experience. Their staff demonstrates clear “professionalism and expertise,” and they offer “beautiful results” for their clients.


Intrepy Website

Intrepy is another medical industry-focused marketing agency, and its unique specialty is medical graphic design. They offer SEO, traditional advertising, and social media work as well, but med spas that partner with them will not be getting as much value if they aren’t specifically looking to leverage this unique toolset.

  • Notable Clients: Wifii, Infinity Health & Body
  • Leadership Experience: 4.4
  • Company Size: 11-50
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Headquarters: Orlando, FL
  • Average Reviews: 5.0
  • Approach to Marketing: SEO and graphic design services for med spas
  • Contact: Intrepy website
Summary of Online Reviews
Intrepy is “a top-notch healthcare marketing agency” with “high-quality communication.” They make the whole contracting experience “easy and pleasant” for their clients.

Growth 99

Growth99 Website

Growth 99 is a marketing and sales services firm with a specialty in the medical field. Not only do they offer web dev services, but they also offer CRM and email nurturing services to improve your sales pipeline as well. For those looking to revamp their marketing and sales workflows, Growth 99 is a reputable partner.

  • Notable Clients: Ruma, BeautiPHI, New Woman’s Clinic
  • Leadership Experience: 4.2
  • Company Size: 51-200
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Headquarters: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Average Reviews: 4.5
  • Approach to Marketing: CRM and email marketing
  • Contact: Growth 99 website
Summary of Online Reviews
Growth 99 has offered results that were “instrumental in the success of [their client’s] med spa,” and they are a “game-changer” for aesthetic medicine practices.


Ihealthspot Website

iHealthSpot is a web design agency with a specialty in SEO optimization, and they work exclusively with healthcare companies. They also offer social media management, reputation management, and paid advertising services.

iHealthSpot’s services work best for med spas looking for a single less-specialized agency that acts as a generalist digital marketer. Their most successful work has been for clients who want to promote themselves on social media and on Google.

  • Notable Clients: Cosmetic Medical Partners
  • Leadership Experience: 3.9
  • Company Size: 10-49
  • Year Founded: 2005
  • Headquarters: Lake Worth, FL
  • Average Reviews: 4.8
  • Approach to Marketing: Website Design and social media for med spas
  • Contact: iHealthSpot website
Summary of Online Reviews
iHealthSpot is “amazingly pleasant to work with,” and their clients get “many compliments on the design and content” but can be slow to finish website redesigns.


Eletiv Website

For those more focused on improving the SEO performance solely on-site, Electiv offers web SEO services for med spas, plastic surgery clinics, and dermatology centers. They offer high-quality web design as well, making them a go-to partner for firms looking primarily for a new website that is built for SEO performance and ease of use. They also offer content marketing services, but they provide the most value for clients who focus on their bread-and-butter website services.

  • Notable Clients: AMA, Aesthetics Society, American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Leadership Experience: 4.5
  • Company Size: 2-10
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN
  • Average Reviews: 5.0
  • Approach to Marketing: On-site SEO for Medspa procedural clinics
  • Contact: Electiv website
Summary of Online Reviews
Electric creates “high-performing websites” in terms of leads while also ensuring they are “readable, easy to use, and fast.” Their team is “professional and responsive,” leaving most of their clients with a positive impression of the company.


Localiq Website

Formerly known as ReachLocal, LocaliQ works with local businesses to improve visibility in local search results and enhance social media presence. Local IQ generally focuses on smaller practices that are up-and-coming in low-competition areas, making them a good fit for many newer med spas.

  • Notable Clients: N/A
  • Leadership Experience: 3.8
  • Company Size: 500+
  • Year Founded: 2003
  • Headquarters: McLean, VA
  • Average Reviews: 3.9
  • Approach to Marketing: Local SEO for small businesses
  • Contact: LocaliQ website
Summary of Online Reviews
LocaliQ offers a “plethora of features” that make them unique for local med spas. They offer great services and education for  “these smaller managers who aren’t as familiar with marketing strategies.”