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The Top Marketing Strategy Consulting Firms – 2024

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Many businesses with in-house marketing teams find themselves in need of additional support when it comes to creating an effective marketing strategy. Marketing strategy consulting firms fill this need, and to help businesses find a firm that meets their needs, our team has evaluated 50+ companies to find and rank the top 8 based on the following criteria:

  • Notable Clients
  • Leadership Experience
  • Company Size
  • Years in Business
  • Headquarters Location
  • Specialty

The results are presented in the table below:

The Top Marketing Strategy Consulting Firms of 2024

Rank Company Notable Clients Principal Experience Score Company Size Years Experience Headquarters Specialty
1 First Page Sage US Bank, Credit Sesame, SoFi, defi Solutions 4.9 100-250 14 San Francisco, CA Combining thought leadership & SEO to create sustainable lead generation systems
2 Synergizification (Darin ten Bruggencate) Altium, Cadence, Synopsys 4.9 N/A 15 Minneapolis, MN Marketing strategy for B2B technology companies
3 Spinx Digital The California Endowment, Paul Hastings 4.6 11-50 18 Los Angeles, CA Online positioning & digital strategy
4 Advanced Marketing Strategies Sprouts Farmers Market, LA-Z-Boy, IKEA 4.4 11-50 36 San Diego, CA Media buying strategy & advertising production for consumer brands
5 Moburst Marketing Samsung, Reddit, Uber 4.3 100-250 10 New York, NY Mobile & influencer marketing
6 Bain & Company Black & Decker, Texas Instruments 4.6 500+ 40 Boston, MA Business strategy & marketing consulting
7 Community Boost The Trevor Project, The Human Society 4.1 51-100 11 San Diego, CA Digital marketing strategy for nonprofits
8 Sociallyin TGI Fridays, Dicks Sporting Goods 3.9 51-100 12 Atlanta, GA Social media marketing strategy development 

First Page Sage

First Page Sage is the leading marketing strategy consulting firm in the US. They place a focus on achieving high ROI for their clients through thought leadership content and SEO. In addition to creating customized strategic marketing plans for their clients, they also offer full-service content creation and conversion rate optimization services.

  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Company Size: 100-250
  • Headquarters Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Additional Marketing Services: SEO Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization, Paid Search
Summary of Client Reviews
First Page Sage is an industry leader known for producing “excellent ROI” for their clients. They  demonstrate marketing “intelligence, experience, and expertise” while providing clients with a “real personal touch.

Synergizification (Darin ten Bruggencate)

Darin ten Bruggencate is the founder of Synergizification, and his unique expertise and quality of service make him the only solo consultant to qualify for a top position in our rankings. He offers highly individualized strategies, leveraging his 15 years of experience in marketing. His core expertise is marketing strategy for B2B technology companies.

  • Years Experience: 15
  • Company Size: N/A
  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • Additional Marketing Services: Customer Journey Optimization, Audience Building & Lead Capture
Summary of Client Reviews
Darin is “exemplary” and a “forward thinking strategist”. He “masterfully blends creativity with business acumen”, demonstrating a “relentless pursuit of perfection” when it comes to marketing.

Spinx Digital

As their name suggests, Spinx Digital focuses on digital marketing strategy in their work for both B2B and B2C businesses. Their main focus is online positioning, working with their clients to craft creative marketing campaigns that build emotional connections with audiences.

  • Year Founded: 2005
  • Company Size: 10-50
  • Headquarters Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Additional Marketing Services: Website Design, Mobile App Development, Enterprise Content Management
Summary of Client Reviews
Spinx is “extremely organized and communicative”, delivering “excellent value” that justifies their “steep” rates. Teams are “highly responsive and eager to help”.

Advanced Marketing Strategies

Advanced Marketing Strategies emphasizes advertising in their approach, creating detailed marketing strategies for consumer brands. As a full service firm, they also offer design, copywriting, and production services so their clients can take full advantage of the strategies that AMS creates.

  • Year Founded: 1987
  • Company Size: 11-50
  • Headquarters Location: San Diego, CA
  • Additional Marketing Services: Print & Billboard Production, Video Production, Media Buying
Summary of Client Reviews
Advanced Marketing Strategies “really care about their client’s success”, and “they keep their eyes on the market”. Their staff is “dedicated and professional”.

Moburst Marketing

Moburst Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency, but their specialty lies in mobile & influencer marketing strategy. They provide marketing support to app development companies from market validation all the way through app launch, combining organic and paid social media in their approach.

  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Company Size: 100-250
  • Headquarters Location: New York, NY 
  • Additional Marketing Services: Video Production, App Store Optimization, Media Buying
Summary of Client Reviews
Moburst is “really good at leveraging new technologies”, managing clients “flawlessly”. Teams “organized, communicative, and creative”, but sometimes “rely on the client’s ideas”.

Bain & Company

While best known for their management consulting services, Bain & Company makes a strong showing with their sales & marketing consulting. They focus on customer loyalty, having created the now-standard Net Promoter System, and integrate their recommendations with solid execution to help their clients grow.

  • Year Founded: 1973
  • Company Size: 500+
  • Headquarters Location: Boston, MA
  • Additional Marketing Services: Pricing Optimization, Supply Chain Reinvention, M&A Advising
Summary of Client Reviews
Bain & Company’s services are “interesting and comprehensive”, and they offer “in depth industry analysis”. The information they provide is “thorough” but can quickly grow “complicated”.

Nonprofits Source

The San Diego-based Community Boost focuses almost exclusively on marketing strategy for nonprofits and charitable organizations. Agencies that are familiar with the unique needs of nonprofits are relatively rare, with Community Boost being the largest agency among them. Their past clients include The Trevor Project, The Humane Society, and Seniors At Home.

  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Company Size: 51-100
  • Headquarters Location: San Diego, CA
  • Additional Marketing Services: SEO for Nonprofits, Youtube & Display Ad Management, Google Ad Grant Management
Summary of Client Reviews
Teams are “dedicated to their craft” and Community Boost is an “incredible partner” for nonprofits, but their processes still have “small tweaks to iron out” despite their relatively long tenure.


Sociallyin’s primary focus is on leveraging social media marketing strategy and content optimization to help clients increase brand recognition across multiple channels. In addition to marketing strategy consulting, SociallyIn also offers community management services and has a record of successful partnerships with B2C brands.

  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Company Size: 50-100
  • Headquarters Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Additional Marketing Services: Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Community Management
Summary of Client Reviews
SociallyIn has helped their clients achieve “significant  growth in following and traffic”, with the strategies they create execute helping push clients’ videos to “the most recommended”.

First Page Sage Staff