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The Top SaaS Marketing Consultants in 2024

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Top Saas Marketing Consultants

Last updated: March 26, 2024

The most recent study done by First Page Sage focuses on the top SaaS marketing consultants for companies to keep an eye on for 2024. The people we have added to this list appear on it for several reasons: 

  • They have significant experience in SaaS marketing
  • They have made important contributions to marketing SaaS companies
  • They have done the work to keep up a continued presence in the industry over a great period of time.

The table below lists , including relevant details like related entities, social media handles, and whether or not they keep an ongoing SaaS blog. The sections underneath detail each member in greater detail, diving into their respective specialties and niches.

Name CompanyTwitterSpecialty# Years Experience Social Media FollowersNotable Clients
Evan BailynFirst Page Sage@ineffable111Thought Leadership SEO19~149,000Microsoft, Salesforce, Verisign
April Dunford Positioning26~58,300Fleetsmith, Epic Games, Tulip
Sujan PatelMailShake@sujanpatelEmail Outreach20~56,300Scroll, Multirisco, Virtuance
Lincoln MurphySixteen Ventures@lincolnmurphyCustomer Success20~19.3KVision6, Patients Know Best
Joshua FetcherThe Product Company@joshfetcher5Growth Marketing11~2,200Boast.AI, Acadium, Webflow
Dhaval BhattProduct Manager HQ@DhavalBhattProduct Management14~8,800Microsoft, Lifelock
Jonathan PogactSeamless.AI@JPogactB2B Lead Identification15~7,300Amazon, CloudApp, GitHub
Adrienne BarnesBest Buyer Persona@AdrienneNakohlBuyer Personas8~11,700Hinge Health 

Evan Bailyn – First Page Sage

Evan Speaking

Evan Bailyn is the CEO of First Page Sage, the largest SEO agency in the US. He has over 18 years of experience working with SaaS companies to increase organic traffic and drive sustainable growth. Evan also regularly makes keynote speeches on the role of SEO in SaaS marketing, demonstrating how a thought leadership approach draws in users, drives conversions, and builds authority. Evan’s work has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Forbes.

  • Expertise: SEO & thought leadership marketing
  • Contact For: SaaS SEO consulting, interviews, speaking inquiries
  • How to reach: Contact Evan here.

April Dunford

April Dunford

With more than 25 years of experience managing teams at several successful B2B technology startups, April Dunford is one of the most recognizable SaaS marketing consultants in the field. Her work focuses on product positioning and identifying the qualities that make SaaS products stand out in their market.

  • Expertise: Product positioning
  • Contact For: Consulting, speaking inquiries
  • How to Reach:  Contact April here.

Sujan Patel – MailShake

Sujan Patel

The founder of Mailshake, Sujan Patel’s work dives into the effects of an effective marketing and sales campaigns on company growth, particularly conversion and what pushes visitors into becoming prospective leads. He describes his own SaaS company’s history in his book, 100 Days of Growth, and is a familiar face at speaking events.

  • Expertise: Demo sign-ups and lead conversion
  • Contact For: Consulting, speaking inquiries, guest writing.
  • How to Reach: Contact Sujan here.

Lincoln Murphy – Sixteen Ventures

Lincoln Murphy

Lincoln Murphy places his focus on customer success management; in other words, targeting products correctly at customer intents to increase overall satisfaction and long-term usage. His consulting agency, Sixteen Ventures, focuses on education, aiming to assist SaaS companies use customer success principles to effect lasting growth.

  • Expertise: Customer Success
  • Contact For: Consulting, education, speaking inquiries
  • How to Reach: Reach out to Lincoln here.

Joshua Fetcher – The Product Company

Josh Fechter

Joshua Fetcher emphasizes growth marketing for SaaS and building a high ROI customer community. He’s best known for LinkedIn marketing, having demonstrated his strategies in his own startup The Product Company and primarily works with post Series A or bootstrapped startups.

  • Expertise: Growth Marketing
  • Contact For: Consulting
  • How to Reach: Reach out to Joshua Fetcher here.

Dhaval Bhatt – Product Manager HQ

Dhaval Bhatt

Dhaval Bhatt’s SaaS marketing approach combines product management, data science, and machine learning, emphasizing product success over technical success. He has worked with enterprises such as Wells Fargo and Microsoft, and founded Product Manager HQ, providing training and certifications for product managers and product management focused marketers.

Jonathan Pogact – Seamless.AI

Jonathan Pogact

Jonathan Pogact has been in SaaS marketing for over 13 years, and his current company, Seamless.AI, focuses on using AI-powered search to find contact information for B2B sales leads. His approach leans toward traditional sales outreach techniques, using software to identify decision makers but relies on his clients’ salespeople for outreach.

Adrienne Barnes – Best Buyer Persona

Adrienne Barnes

Adrienne Barnes is an up-and-coming consultant who emphasizes creating and using research-driven customer personas for better target SaaS marketing. In addition to customer persona development, she also runs workshops that train SaaS marketing teams to better understand their customers.

  • Expertise: Buyer Personas
  • Contact For: Consulting, interviews, guest articles
  • How to Reach: Contact Adrienne here.

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