The Best SEO Consultants in 2024

Last updated: October 18, 2023

Our team attempted to determine the top SEO consultants working in 2024 using publicly-available data. We chose categories that correlate with SEO expertise including: years of SEO experience, # of SEO books written, # of SEO keynotes given, and social media followers. We also considered each consultant’s client portfolio.

Below are the 8 top-ranking SEO consultants in our dataset. We have included all the data we uncovered in the table below, as well as a link to their blog.

The Best SEO Consultants

Name  # Years Experience  SEO Books SEO Keynotes Social Media Followers Specialty Active SEO Blog?
1 Evan Bailyn 18 3 ~260 ~149,000 Content-Based SEO Yes
2 Rand Fishkin 18 3 ~180 ~465,000 SEO Tools Yes
3 Dana DiTomaso 20 0 ~200 ~12,000 Brand Uniformity Yes
4 Neil Patel 16 2 ~80 ~1,500,000 SEO Analytics Yes
5 AJ Ghergich 17 0 ~15 ~102,000 Technical SEO Yes
6 Marie Hines 11 2 ~30 ~32,000 Backlinking Yes
7 Robert Rose 15 2 ~300 ~40,000 Storytelling No
8 Barry Schwartz 17 0 ~60 ~147,000 Google Algorithm, Web Design Yes

Evan Bailyn

Evan is the founder and CEO of First Page Sage, the largest SEO firm in the United States. He is a recognized leader in the industry and highly sought after for consulting engagements. Evan’s approach centers on SEO strategy and using SEO for long-term lead generation.

For more info or to contact (through First Page Sage).

Summary of Online Reviews
Evan’s consulting style prioritizes “a deep strategic analysis” of keywords, site layout, and conversion content. He is a “master of understanding how to create content that ranks #1”, which is particularly useful in today’s age of generative AI.

Rand Fishkin

Rand is another familiar voice in the digital marketing industry. He helped found Moz in 2004 and now heads Sparktoro which creates SEO tools to aid companies in identifying and connecting with their target audience. He is an accomplished author and is available for speaking as well as consulting. 

For more info or to contact.

Summary of Online Reviews
Rand is “fun and engaging” and gives “insightful” advice, drawing on his “deep” knowledge of SEO.

Dana DiTomaso

Dana’s approach to SEO focuses on the importance of knowing your audience. She emphasizes using market research, the application of digital tools to leverage data and establishing brand uniformity. She is available for consulting as well as speaking engagements.

For more info or to contact.

Summary of Online Reviews
Dana is “engaging, funny, and informative“, as well as a “consummate professional“. Her consulting style is “top quality, thorough, and grounded in immense experience“.

Neil Patel

Neil is best known for providing advice and insight on SEO content marketing on his blog. As the founder of Crazy Egg and Kissmetrics, he often stresses the importance of good analytics toolsF. He has also authored two books and is available for consulting.   

For more info or to contact.

Summary of Online Reviews
Neil delivers “actionable advice on both technical and on-page SEO”, leading to a “rewarding and positive experience” for his clients.

AJ Ghergich

AJ is a principal at Brado, which utilizes AI and data analysis to help companies better understand their target audience and anticipate their needs, which enables more targeted marketing. Brado stresses the use of technology and a wide portfolio of marketing channels; including paid search and SEO.

For more info or to contact (through Brado).

Summary of Online Reviews
AJ Ghergich is a “proactive, accessible” consultant who provides thought provoking conversations” about SEO.

Marie Hynes

Dr. Marie Haynes is both an author and consultant. She heads a team of SEO professionals at Marie Haynes Consulting and consistently creates content that covers how to build links, improve reader time on-page and understanding Google algorithms. Dr. Haynes is an expert in backlink audits and is a regular speaker at SEO conferences. 

For more info or to contact.

Summary of Online Reviews
Marie Haynes is “completely obsessed with trying to understand how Google assesses quality” which leads her to conduct “detailed website review containing a range of practical solutions” for various client types.

Robert Rose

Robert’s approach to SEO and content marketing emphasizes engaging and educating the audience through storytelling. He has published two books on content strategy and is The Content Advisory founder, where you can connect with him.

For more info or to contact (through The Content Advisory).

Summary of Online Reviews
Robert’s “deep marketing expertise“ leads to “transformational experiences” that guide companies to “think differently“ about SEO.

Barry Schwartz

Barry leads web development company Rusty Brick. He’s best known for his work reporting on SEO news via Search Engine Land and on social media. He also founded the Search Engine Roundtable which provides news about SEO and the content marketing industry.

For more info or to contact (through RustyBrick).

Summary of Online Reviews
Barry is someone with “their pulse on the Search Engine Industry,” which has made them “one of the leading voices in the SEO industry globally.”

Top SEO Consultants by Industry

Our team has also compiled lists of the top SEO consultants for 4 different industries. Their results are shared below.

The Top SaaS SEO Consultants
# Name Clients
1 Evan Bailyn Salesforce, Equinix, US Bank
2 AJ Ghergich Github, Owler
3 Aleyda Solis Krisp, Turo
4 Jono Alderson Microsoft
The Top Healthcare SEO Consultants
# Name Clients
1 Barry Schwartz Alternative to Meds Center, CPR Certified
2 Evan Bailyn Dignity Health, City of Hope, Institute on Aging
3 Pete Meyers N/A
4 Cyrus Shepard N/A
The Top Real Estate SEO Consultants
# Name Clients
1 Evan Bailyn Corcoran, Apollo Group, We Buy Ugly Houses
2 Pete Meyers N/A
3 Aleyda Solis Sniffspot
4 Cyrus Shepard N/A
The Top Financial SEO Consultants
# Name Clients
1 Barry Schwartz FM Home Loans, Collectibles Exchange
2 Evan Bailyn US Bank, Capital One, SoFi
3 Aledya Solis Trade Republic
4 Jono Alderson N/A
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