The Top Real Estate SEO Agencies: 2023

This report provides our findings on 2023’s top real estate SEO agencies, based on:

  • Years in Business: Companies that have been in business for longer periods of time have a proven ability to weather the challenges of the real estate/SEO industry, making them more likely to provide quality services on behalf of clients.
  • Company Size: While bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, larger companies indicate a growth trajectory that is often partnered with long-term success. SImilarly, they are more likely to have experts available to handle clients with hyper-specific needs.
  • Headquarters: Although it is the least important to our study, location may be important for clients hoping to work with agencies familiar with their region. 
  • Specialty: Our research indicates that real estate SEO functions differently according to various audiences, making agencies that offer unique specialties more likely to appear on our list.

Because real estate SEO is a complex niche, our study includes many ad agencies that work across a variety of non-traditional SEO channels (social media, video marketing, etc). These channels make up a critical element of an efficient SEO strategy, hence their inclusion in our list. 

Rank Company Headquarters Years in Business Company Size Notable Clients Specialty
1 First Page Sage San Francisco, CA 14 100-250 Corcoran, Apollo Group, We Buy Ugly Houses Thought leadership-based SEO for real estate companies
2 REQ Washington, D.C. 15 50-250 The Empire State Building, Golden Gate Hotel & Casino Branding and UX focused SEO
3 Portal Ventures Melbourne, Australia 4 2-15 RealAdvisor, Sidespace SEO for real estate marketplace websites
4 Real Estate Webmasters Nanaimo, BC 19 100-150 Mitchell Prime Properties, Smith & Associates SEO for luxury home builders in Canada
5 ReachLocal Woodland Hills, CA 19 500+ CuliQuip, TGM Associates Local SEO for real estate small businesses
6 Jives Media  San Francisco, CA 2 10-50 LBI Living, Gulf Living Group Video production and UX design for SEO
7 Lyfe Marketing Atlanta, GA 12 10-50 University Realty, Mastermine Investments, LLC Combined social media marketing & SEO
8 ChatterBuzz Media Orlando, FL 12 1-10 Orlando Regional Realtor Association Technical SEO & paid search

The sections below outline each company in further detail, offering additional insights about the company and who they might be best suited for.

First Page Sage 

First Page Sage is the largest SEO agency in the US. Their approach to SEO generates MQLs through thought leadership content that provides readers with the best possible answer to their search while also directing conversations about important real estate concepts. Their main service combines technical SEO, keyword research, and ghostwriting expert-level content with the goal of turning the company’s website into an organic lead generation machine.

First Page Sage is an ideal fit for companies seeking long-term growth vs short term results, and has extensive experience with real estate firms, ranging from agencies, development companies, lenders, and investment funds. 

  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Additional Services: Web design, Conversion Rate Optimization, Paid Search


REQ is an ad agency that blurs the line between digital marketing and SEO, utilizing a holistic approach to consult, optimize, and create content on behalf of clients. Ultimately, they specialize in branding, finding a unique language for your company that distinguishes it from your competition. By taking these tools typically used to create customer personas for SEO purposes, their audience research provides clients with the tools needed to craft a unique vernacular that speaks directly to the needs of their audience. 

Branding services, however, are not necessary for every company—larger real estate companies who need to refresh their visual and commercial language in addition to increasing their online visibility are the best fit for REQs services. 

  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Headquarters: Washington, D.C.
  • Additional Services: Digital Marketing, Branding, Advertising 

Portal Ventures

Portal Ventures was a company created to fill a specific need: finding the right way to craft SEO strategies for real estate marketplaces. As a result of their efforts, they are now one of the foremost experts working on SEO for real estate classifieds, selectively considering contracts that focus on growing equity in their clients’ companies rather than the usual monthly fees. 

Because of their reputation for success in this niche industry, Portal Ventures has a history of being selective with their clients, working only with “marketplaces that [they] believe have the capacity to be or remain the market leader” in each market or vertical.

  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
  • Additional Services: N/A

Real Estate Webmasters

Real Estate Webmasters focuses primarily on the Canadian luxury real estate market. They specialize in web design, building websites on behalf of clients that boast quicker load times and spiderable IDX models designed to compete with market giants like Zillow. Their SEO services are notably maneuverable, offering services for both agents and brokers in addition to off-page services like guest blogging, backlinking, local SEO, and social media services. 

Real Estate Webmasters is likely the best fit for a smaller company that either does not have a website or has a poorly made website in need of optimization. Companies seeking off-page SEO services to grow their online visibility will also find a capable partner with their services.

  • Year Founded: 2004
  • Headquarters: Nanaimo, BC
  • Additional Services: Web Design, Paid Search


ReachLocal specializes in local SEO for small businesses, working with multi-family housing providers, new home builders, realtors, and property developers. Their services are scalable, and can expand with their clients’ successes and needs.

Their SEO service focuses on on-site optimization and keyword research over content creation, and clients will benefit most when they have an in-house content production team already in place.

  • Year Founded: 2004
  • Headquarters: Woodland Hills, CA
  • Additional Services: Social Media Advertising, Paid Search, Youtube Advertising

Jives Media 

Jives Media takes a holistic approach to marketing, offering social media and video marketing services in addition to their SEO services in order to increase audience engagement and drive conversions. They focus more on paid search than most SEO agencies, which can generate excellent short-term results for clients seeking to test out new keywords or find new audiences. While they do offer content production, their focus is on video content rather than SEO content.

The services offered at Jives Media make them an ideal fit for someone a) seeking to solidify their branding via video marketing or b) wish to invest in a new website design but have existing high-quality content.

  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Additional Services: Web Design, Video Marketing & Production, Paid Search

Lyfe Marketing

Lyfe Marketing offers social media marketing services in addition to SEO, helping clients increase the conversion rates of organic visitors by creating multiple touchpoints. A full service agency, they’re an ideal fit for a hands-off customer who wants to have their marketing handled entirely by a more experienced party. This makes them well suited for newer companies who lack an in-house marketing team.

  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
  • Additional Services: Social Media Marketing, Video Animation, Email Marketing

ChatterBuzz Media

ChatterBuzz Media focuses on mobile and web development and technical auditing for real estate companies, finding and resolving any UX issues that stand in the way of higher conversion rates. While they do provide content creation services, it is not their main focus. This makes them a good fit for companies with existing high quality content but suffer from low conversion rates.

  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Headquarters: Orlando, FL
  • Additional Services: Mobile & Web Development, Paid Media Advertising, Graphic Design
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