The Top SEO Experts of 2022

In our latest study, we crunched the data to determine the top SEO experts available for consulting, speaking, or interviews in 2022. By comparing SEO experts on the basis of their experience, publications, speaking experience, citations on Google, and social media influence, we came up with the 8 experts that appear to understand modern SEO better than the rest. 

In the table below, we list these 8 SEO experts along with the criteria we used to compare them. Afterwards, we describe each expert in greater detail, sharing their area of expertise within the field of SEO, the recognition they’ve received for their talent, and their availability for collaboration. 

The Top SEO Experts of 2022, Compared

Name Length of Time in SEO Industry SEO Books SEO Keynote Speeches Google Citations Social Media Followers Active SEO Blog Available for Hire?
Evan Bailyn 18 years 3 ~240 8,150 148,900 Yes Yes
Barry Schwartz 17 years 0 ~60 18,100 156,400 Yes Yes
AJ Ghergich 17 years 0 ~15 62 102,300  Yes Yes
Vanessa Fox 14 years 1 ~30 7,700 35,800 No No
Aleyda Solis 12 years 1 ~120 665 95,000 Yes Yes
Cyrus Shepard 12 years 0 ~90 289 76,500 Yes No
Marie Haynes 11 years 2 ~30 447  32,300 Yes Yes
Brian Dean 11 years 0 ~25 2,290  125,100 Yes No

The Top SEO Experts: Breakdown and Contact Info

Evan Bailyn

Evan Bailyn was one of the early pioneers of modern SEO, taking up study of Google’s search algorithm before the company went public in 2004. He currently runs the largest SEO agency in the U.S., and has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Forbes.

His expertise is in the confluence of thought leadership content and SEO, which his company translates into a lead generation service.   

  • Expertise: Thought Leadership & SEO
  • Contact for: Lead generation services, interviews, speaking
  • Social media: Twitter (41,900); Facebook (107,000)
  • How to reach: For services, interview requests, or speaking inquiries, use this Contact Form

Brian Dean

Brian Dean founded the popular online marketing blog Backlinko, which specializes in backlink building strategies. He also runs a popular YouTube channel. He has been featured in Forbes,, and TechCrunch, and currently offers SEO training for professional marketers.

  • Expertise: Link building and SEO strategy
  • Contact for: Training your internal SEO team, interviews
  • Social media: Twitter (117,500); Facebook (7,600)
  • How to reach: Contact directly through Backlinko.

Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz runs the popular SEO news website Search Engine Land. He is also the CEO of Rusty Brick, a web design and development firm and has received awards from US Search Awards and Search Engine Land. He maintains an active Twitter account that reports on the latest Google updates and industry happenings.

  • Expertise: The latest news on Google’s updates and current practices
  • Contact for: Interviews, web design
  • Social media: Twitter (146,300); Facebook (1,100)
  • How to reach: Use the Rusty Brick contact form for web design services or the Search Engine Roundtable form for news tips. 

AJ Ghergich

AJ is the holder of the coveted @SEO Twitter handle, which if nothing else shows he knows the value of keywords. A serial entrepreneur-marketer, he ran his own agency for 6 years and is currently the Chief Digital Officer at marketing agency Brado.  

  • Expertise: Technical SEO, Paid Search, Content Marketing
  • Contact for: Agency services, guest articles, interviews
  • Social media: Twitter (102,300)
  • How to reach: Use the Brado Contact Form for service inquiries or Twitter for any other request

Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis specializes in international SEO, particularly in European, American, and Latin-American markets. She was the European Search Award’s Personality of the Year in 2018, and she is a prolific speaker at European SEO conferences.

  • Expertise:International SEO
  • Contact for: International seo services, consulting, speaking
  • Social media: Twitter (90,900); Facebook (4,100)
  • How to reach: Reach out through her website’s contact form for consulting or speaking, and through Orainti for SEO services

Cyrus Shepard

Cyrus Shepard led the SEO and content team at Moz before founding his own SEO consulting agency in Zyppy. He specializes in on-page SEO, technical SEO, site architecture, and internal linking, but is currently unavailable for new consulting projects.

  • Expertise:Technical SEO and internal linking
  • Contact for: Keynote speaking
  • Social media: Twitter (76,500)
  • How to reach: Check his contact page at Zyppy for current availability, and e-mail him directly at

Marie Haynes

Marie Haynes is a specialist: her expertise lies in website quality, backlink audits, and manual action removals. She has published two books, Unnatural Links: A Guide to Removal and Dr. Marie Haynes’ Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines Book. She blogs about how Google’s updates affect the role of link building in SERPs, and hosts a weekly podcast about SEO.

  • Expertise: Link auditing and manual action removal
  • Contact for: Consulting, link-related SEO services
  • Social media: Twitter (32,300)
  • How to reach: Reach her through the contact form at Marie Haynes Consulting for SEO services

Vanessa Fox

Vanessa Fox worked on Google Webmaster Central, an early educational resource Google created for website owners and administrators. She was named as one of Seattle’s 40 under 40, and one of the top 100 women in Seattle Tech. Since her time with Google, she has focused on search analytics software and platforms, and is the founder of Keylime Toolbox, an SEO metrics platform.

  • Expertise: SEO analytics and education
  • Contact for: Speaking, interviews, and training your team
  • Social media: Twitter (35,800)
  • How to reach: Reach out to her through her website’s contact form for speaking, or Keylime Toolbox if you’re interested in her SEO metrics platform
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