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The Top Home Services SEO Agencies in 2024

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Last updated: April 10, 2024

This article ranks the top home services SEO agencies for 2024. For the purposes of this study, our research team considered 45 agencies that offer SEO services, evaluating each based on: 

  • Home Services Clients (30%): Past experience providing SEO for home services companies is the strongest indicator of skill and future success.
  • Leadership Experience Score (20%): Agency leadership defines the direction and culture. We rated each agency on their executives’ and lead marketers’ career history in marketing as a whole and experience with the home services industry.
  • Years in Business (15%): Companies with a longer tenure have proven their ability to weather shifting trends in home services SEO, updates to Google’s algorithm, as well as larger macroeconomic conditions. 
  • Company Size (15%): Agency size correlates with agency skill as consistent growth is only possible through maintaining strong relationships with satisfied clients.
  • Headquarters (10%): SEO agencies located in major cities have access to a deeper pool of talent 
  • Approach to Home Services SEO (10%): Each agency has a unique approach to home services SEO, and we  favor those who prioritize high ROI and consistent results

The below table presents our findings as to the top 8 home services SEO agencies:

Top Home Services SEO Agencies of 2024

RankCompanyHome Services ClientsLeadership Experience ScoreCompany SizeYears in BusinessHeadquartersApproach to Home Services SEO
1First Page SageOvele, Fortress Building Products, Rainbow Waterproofing & Restoration4.8100-25014San Francisco, CACombining localized thought leadership with SEO to generate high ROI for home services companies
2Focus DigitalStego Wrap, Twin Home Experts, Pacific Aire4.51-106Greensboro, NCSEO, content marketing, and lead generation for small businesses
3LeadHubChampion AC, Gotelli Plumbing, Window World4.311-5012San Antonio, TXCombining digital marketing and OTT advertising for home services companies
4Lemonade StandRightime Home Services4.551-10011Riverside, CABacklinking strategy and reputation management
5C SocialFiber Mortgage, RealtyTek, 3.551-10011Carlsbad, CACombining social media and geotargeted SEO
6Home Service Website DesignAugusta Lawn Care, Black Label Built, New Again House Wash4.61-109Bellingham, WATechnical SEO and web design for home services companies
7Lemon SeedAbove + Beyond Service Company, Advantage, Air Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning 4.211-504Diboll, TXBranding-focused full service marketing for home services contractor
8LocaliQRock’n-It Quality Masonry Work, Kitsap Garage Door Co, Pala Brothers Furniture3.5500+19McLean, VALocal SEO for small home services businesses
9UpswellN/A4.311-5015Kennesaw, GACombining SEO and direct mail campaigns for home services companies

First Page Sage

Fps Website

As the largest home services SEO agency in the US, First Page Sage specializes in combining geotargeted SEO with thought leadership content that positions their clients as the highest quality service provider in their area. This content is conversion optimized and finely tuned to target the search intent of commercially valuable keywords that home services clients actively search, thereby generating leads organically. First Page Sage’s services are a good fit for home services companies that prioritize high long-term ROI over immediate results.

  • Years in Business: 14
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Additional Services: Conversion Optimization, PaId Search, Web Design
  • Contact: First Page Sage Website
Summary of Online Reviews
First Page Sage’s content quality is “unparalleled” and their client teams are “organized and communicative”. Their services result in “high organic ROI”, but often need a “longer alignment period” while they research their client’s business.

Focus Digital

Focus Digital Website

Focus Digital is a boutique firm that has excellent SEO chops but offers affordable prices due to their smaller headcount. Their strategy focuses on writing targeted content for high-intent keywords, measuring their results in qualified leads as opposed to leading indicators like traffic or rankings. They are a great choice for small businesses looking for high-end SEO services at a reasonable rate.

  • Years in Business: 6
  • Headquarters: Greensboro, NC
  • Additional Services: Google PPC, Conversion Optimization, Email Marketing
  • Contact: Focus DIgital Website
Summary of Online Reviews
Focus Digital “meticulously focuses” on each client and is “in a constant state of innovation” on the newest SEO strategies and best practices.  


Leadhub Website

LeadHub combines OTT advertising with digital marketing to reach home services customers across a variety of channels. They also offer branding services for home services companies seeking a visual redesign in order to stand out in crowded markets. LeadHub’s services are best for midsized or larger home services companies who can afford the higher CACs of OTT advertising. 

  • Years in Business: 12
  • Headquarters: San Antonio, TX
  • Additional Services: Creative Design, Branding, OTT advertising
  • Contact: LeadHub Website
Summary of Online Reviews
Leadhub always “delivers on projects” creating a “noticeable increase in internet sales.” Their team is “small, consistent, and proactive” and “improves the website’s search engine ranking.” 

Lemonade Stand

Lemonadestand Website

Lemonade Stand is a full-service digital marketing agency that combines a focus on backlinking strategy with reputation management services. They also provide Youtube advertising and social media management services for their clients, and maintain an in-house creative design team. Companies seeking to unify many disparate marketing efforts under one roof will benefit from working with Lemonade Stand, particularly those that wish to take advantage of their reputation management expertise.

  • Years in Business: 11
  • Headquarters: Riverside, CA
  • Approach to SEO: Backlinking, Youtube Advertising, Reputation Management
  • Contact: Lemonade Stand Website
Summary of Online Reviews
Lemonade Stand “stands out” against other SEO companies by “providing valuable backlinks” that “raise revenue and attract new customers.

C Social

Csocial Website

C Social is a marketing agency notable for its “blueprint” model, which provides clients with ad and branding strategy before committing long-term. Once they become clients, home services companies can expect services targeted towards social media marketing and related fields, such as video marketing. In addition, they provide web design and branding services that give their clients social media and websites a uniform, professional feel. C Social works best with companies in social media-oriented home services niches such as interior design and landscaping.

  • Years in Business: 11
  • Headquarters: Carlsbad, CA
  • Additional Services: Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Video Marketing
  • Contact: C Social Website
Summary of Online Reviews
C Social offers “full-funnel strategies” that convert well, and “produce incredibly high-quality graphics” for the websites they help design.

Home Service Website Design

Homeservicewebsitedesign Website

As the name implies, Home Service Website Design specializes in web design and the technical aspects of SEO. As part of their services, they also perform strategic keyword research to help their clients find the right keywords to target. Companies with an existing in-house content team are the best candidates for HSWD’s technical services.

Lemon Seed

Lemonseed Website

Lemon Seed is a marketing agency directly catering to the needs of home service companies and adjacent specialties such as HVAC and construction. Their focus is on branding and graphic design, but they offer a full range of marketing services, including social media, email marketing, and paid advertising. They also feature in-house graphic designers that create character illustrations on behalf of clients.  For this reason, companies looking to refresh their brand to stand out in a competitive market would make a great fit for Lemon Seed.

  • Years in Business: 4
  • Headquarters: Diboll, TX
  • Additional Services: Branding-focused full service marketing for home services contractor
  • Contact: Lemon Seed Website
Summary of Online Reviews
Lemon Seed are “knowledgeable people” who, despite a “lack of communication,” are “very professional” in the campaigns they organize.


Localiq Website

Formerly known as ReachLocal, LocaliQ works with home services businesses to improve visibility in local search results. Local IQ focuses on smaller home services companies that concentrate their efforts on individual clients within residential areas, making them a good fit for individual contractors and smaller operations.

  • Years in Business: 19
  • Headquarters: McLean, VA
  • Additional Services: Listing Services, Social Media Marketing, Display Ads
  • Contact: LocaliQ Website
Summary of Online Reviews
LocaliQ is a firm that “exceeds[s] expectations” with a “highly efficient” workflow. They “manage engagements effectively,” causing “jumps in revenue and profits.


Upswell Website

Upswell utilizes SEO in a unique way, combining it with direct mail campaigns of postcards, newsletters, and weekly mailers. Their approach creates multiple digital and physical touchpoints for customers, and provides clients with a wide variety of options in their campaigns which might not be an option with other agencies. Upswell explicitly targets smaller companies seeking long-term growth, making them an ideal match for individual contractors and limited operations within the home services industry.

  • Years in Business: 15
  • Headquarters: Kennesaw, GA
  • Additional Services: Direct Mail, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Geofencing
  • Contact: Upswell Website
Summary of Online Reviews
Upswell provided a “wonderful” experience, but “small teams” mean that larger companies may find themselves in need of a larger partner.

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