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The Top SaaS SEO Agencies of 2024

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The Top Saas Seo Agencies Of 2024

Last updated: March 13, 2024.

Our team evaluated 63 SaaS-centered SEO agencies to determine the most successful firms based on their SaaS industry experience. We rank-ordered the companies using the following criteria:

  • Notable Clients (35%): An agency’s experience with notable SaaS clients is the best indicator of their ability to run successful SEO campaigns. As such, it is the factor to which we assign the most weight.
  • Leadership Experience (25%): We assigned each company numerical score from 1 to 5 based on the SaaS marketing experience of each agency’s top executives and marketing leadership.
  • Company Size (20%): Although size is not inherently tied to skill, larger companies are both capable of providing a level of support and have the internal infrastructure required for executing complex SaaS SEO campaigns. To grow to a significant size, companies must also maintain strong client retention rates based on successful work.
  • Average Review Score (10%): How satisfied clients are when leaving reviews for an SEO agency correlates positively with their ability to deliver results.
  • Year Founded (5%): Despite being a relatively new marketing industry, SEO has evolved significantly over the past 15 years. The length of a company’s tenure displays its ability to update its SEO strategy as Google updates its algorithm, as well as weather market cycles and economic downturns.
  • Headquarters (5%): SEO agencies in major cities benefit from access to a more diverse talent pool, and a wider array of industry connections, making headquarters location a small but relevant consideration in our ranking.

For each agency below, we also provide their Main Focus, describing their unique approach to SEO. The results of our research are presented in the table below:

The Top SaaS SEO Agencies of 2024

RankCompanyNotable ClientsLeadership ExperienceCompany SizeYear FoundedHeadquartersAverage Review ScoreMain Focus
1First Page SageSalesforce, Cadence, Credit Sesame, Verisign 4.9100-2502009San Francisco, CA4.8Combining SaaS thought leadership and SEO for lead generation
2REQKatabat, Verint, ActiveNav4.751-1002008Washington, DC4.7Branding and UX focused SEO
3Clay AgencySlack, Zenefits, Hint4.011-502016San Francisco, CA4.7CRO and UX optimization for SEO
4EpsilonCDW, Faraday4.3500-10001969Irving, TX4.5Full service marketing for SaaS enterprises
5Marketing EyeConstrux Solutions, Innovent CRM, JESI4.011-502004Atlanta, GA4.3Technical SEO and web design for SaaS companies
6Metric TheoryZenefits, Optimizely, Zuora3.7101-250 2012San Francisco, CA4.4Combined SEO & paid search
7KalungiZippity, Beezy, Arrowstream3.851-100 2018Seattle, WA4.1Fractional SEO team for B2B SaaS companies
8RNO1Prive, TakeUp, Fluxa3.651-1002018Seattle, WA3.9Market research and UX design for SaaS startups

First Page Sage

As the largest SaaS-focused SEO firm in the U.S., First Page Sage has worked with many clients in the software industry, including Salesforce, Verisign, and Credit Karma. They develop personalized strategies for each client and then ghostwrite the needed pages and articles, with an emphasis on thought leadership content. They are clear about the main KPIs of the campaign being MQLs or SQLs.

SaaS companies interested in SEO that prioritizes lead generation and long-term ROI are a good fit for First Page Sage’s services. They’ve worked with a wide range of SaaS companies, from startups to enterprise SaaS. They also offer website design, conversion rate optimization, and SEO audit services.

  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Company Size: 100-250
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Average Review Score: 4.8
  • Other Services: Thought Leadership, Web Design, Conversion Rate Optimization, Paid Search
Summary of Online Reviews
First Page Sage employs “a in-depth strategic review” in order to to support their strong focus on ROI and lead generation”. Some SaaS customers find that their emphasis on content excellence means that results take a few months to see, “but it’s well worth it.


REQ is a hybrid marketing agency that blends traditional advertising and SEO to create a uniform brand strategy for its clients across various marketing channels. Their services include on-page and off-page SEO, traditional PR, and social media in addition to their branding, UX, and SEO work.

REQ’s branding specialization and traditional advertising emphasis makes them best suited for larger SaaS companies seeking to reinvent their image. While they also work well with smaller companies, the cost of their services often makes them a poorer fit for startups.

  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Company Size: 51-100
  • Headquarters: Washington, DC
  • Average Review Score: 4.7
  • Additional Services: PR, Branding, Advertising
Summary of Online Reviews
REQ has “solid communication skills and workflow” but are work best with a client who is “active” and highly engaged.

Clay Agency

Clay Agency‘s focus is on the UX design and conversion optimization side of SEO. Their full-stack web design and development can help their clients optimize their websites to push visitors through the digital marketing funnel.

Because of this conversion focus, the best fit for Clay Agency’s services are SaaS companies who have strong organic traffic numbers but fail to capitalize on that traffic to generate leads.

  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Company Size: 11-50
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Average Review Score: 4.7
  • Additional Services: UI/UX Design, Product and Brand Strategy
Summary of Online Reviews
Clay Agency’s excels in “high-quality” design, that delivers results at a “great price“. They particularly excel in their “close attention to detail“.


Epsilon offers full-service marketing for SaaS enterprises that combines traditional marketing and digital marketing under a single roof. They allow those enterprises to connect with a single vendor for a wide array of services, mitigating the cost of the complex vetting and setup processes those enterprises often have. In addition to their enterprise work, they have also run successful campaigns for high-profile startups such as Faraday.

  • Year Founded: 1969
  • Company Size: 500-1000
  • Headquarters: Irving, TX
  • Average Review Score: 4.5
  • Additional Services: Digital Media, Data Solutions, Customer Insights
Summary of Online Reviews
Epsilon justifies their “very costly” pricing with teams that are “attentive” and “responsive” to enterprise clients’ needs, and “strong” results.

Marketing Eye

Marketing Eye specializes in the technical aspects of SEO, with web development as their primary service. They also offer some strategic consulting for clients that already possess an in-house marketing team, but have more limited capabilities than many of the other agencies on this list. This makes them a better fit for SaaS companies that boast writing teams that can create their own SEO content for Marketing Eye to help optimize.

  • Year Founded: 2004
  • Company Size: 11-50
  • Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
  • Average Review Score: 4.3
  • Additional Services: Marketing Automation, Marketing Consulting, Web Development
Summary of Online Reviews
Marketing Eye provides “competent and professional” work, offering “superior” service to their clients.

Metric Theory

Metric Theory combines paid search with SEO and visitor tracking to create multiple touchpoints for searchers to convert. They supplement search rankings through remarketing display ads and social media, creating lasting impressions in their target audience. Because their approach makes significant use of paid search, they work best with SaaS companies who prioritize rapid results over ROI.

  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Company Size: 101-250
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Average Review Score: 4.4
  • Additional Services: SEO, Paid Search, Remarketing & Display Ads
Summary of Online Reviews
Metric Theory excels in background research that is both “thorough and “effective“, but occasionally clients feel their team would “benefit from having more resources“.


Kalungi offers fractional marketing teams for SaaS companies—in other words, they offer a team that integrates more with their clients companies than a traditional marketing agency. They’re explicit about their ideal clientele: B2B SaaS companies who are expecting growth but lack their own marketing team. This makes them a good fit for high profile, early stage startups.

  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Company Size: 51-100
  • Headquarters: Seattle, WA
  • Average Review Score: 4.1
  • Additional Services: Fractional Marketing Teams, SaaS CMO Coaching
Summary of Online Reviews
Kalungi “shines” when it comes to their people, and provides teams that are “kind and professional“.


RN01 prioritizes market research and design, offering complete brand explorations for SaaS clients who need to create a unique brand identity. They also emphasize the importance of strong UI/UX design, creating unique digital experiences for visitors to the clients’ websites. They work best with innovative SaaS startups, particularly those with a focus on Web3.

  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Company Size: 11-50
  • Headquarters: Redwood City, CA
  • Average Review Score: 3.9
  • Additional Services: Brand Strategy, UI/UX Design, VR & AR Design
Summary of Online Reviews
RNO1 provides a “great” quality branding service and is “super responsive“, and their teams are “passionate” about their work.

The Top SaaS SEO Companies by Industry

Our team has compiled lists of the top 5 SEO agencies for each of 4 major SaaS industries:

The results are shared in the tables below:

The Top Adtech SEO Agencies

RankSEO Agency
2Clay Agency
3First Page Sage

The Top Fintech SEO Agencies

RankSEO Agency
1First Page Sage
2TOP Agency
4Clay Agency

The Top Medtech SEO Agencies

RankSEO Agency
1First Page Sage
2Metric Theory

The Top Proptech SEO Agencies

RankSEO Agency
2First Page Sage
3Clay Agency
4Metric Theory
5Smart Bug

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