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Clickthrough Rates (CTRs) by Industry: 2024 Report

Average Paid And Organic Ctrs By Industry

Last updated: May 3, 2024

What’s a good clickthrough rate? In this report, we share industry-segmented clickthrough rate benchmarks for Google ads as well as the top 3 organic search positions. Our data was drawn from client PPC & SEO campaigns between 2019 and 2023, and consists of 73% B2B and 27% B2C companies.

Average Paid and Organic CTRs by Industry

IndustryAverage Google Ad CTROrganic Position 1 CTROrganic Position 2 CTROrganic Position 3 CTR
Overall Average1.6%39.6%18.4%10.1%
Aerospace & Defense1.3%42.7%19.6%11.2%
Addiction Treatment1.1%36.4%17.5%9.5%
B2B SaaS2.1%39.8%19.0%11.3%
Commercial Insurance2.3%41.0%17.4%9.5%
Environmental Services1.9%38.9%17.5%9.2%
Financial Services1.1%39.4%16.4%9.1%
Higher Education & College0.9%37.5%18.8%10.0%
HVAC Services2.3%36.2%19.2%9.6%
Industrial IoT2.2%43.0%19.2%10.8%
IT & Managed Services1.8%41.1%20.2%10.6%
Legal Services1.5%36.8%19.3%10.4%
Medical Device1.5%41.2%19.1%11.1%
Oil & Gas1.6%40.1%18.6%9.4%
PCB Design & Manufacturing1.8%43.4%19.0%10.3%
Real Estate1.0%38.3%18.5%9.7%
Software Development1.6%39.9%18.9%10.0%
Solar Energy1.3%37.6%16.9%9.0%
Transportation & Logistics1.9%39.8%18.0%10.7%

How to Improve Your CTRs

The standard advice for improving CTRs is to write more customized meta titles and descriptions, or use clickbaity phrasing to entice searchers to click on your page. While this is good advice, the table above shows that ranking position is far more important to CTR.

Improving paid position is simple: spend more than your competitors for the given keyword. Improving organic position is more difficult, and requires investing in thought leadership-based SEO. Thought leadership-based SEO is an approach that emphasizes the importance of high quality content, and accomplishes the following:

  • Responds to Search Intent: Searchers for a given keyword have an implied question or problem, and clearly answering this question significantly improves engagement rate, leading to higher search rankings and CTRs.
  • Delivers Original Insights: People have become savvy enough to identify run-of-the-mill content written solely for SEO purposes. Providing real, original insight is the best way to engage their interest.

Thought leadership content must be combined with keyword targeting using the Hub & Spoke model and a high frequency of publishing in order to rank for competitive keywords. Typically, it takes 4-6 months of consistently publishing original content to see results. When executed well, however, the resulting increases in search position have a much greater impact on CTR than any other factor.

Working With CTR Experts

The process of improving organic CTRs requires a strategy and a team to execute on it. Most businesses don’t have specialized team members capable of doing so in-house. For that reason, many companies choose to work with an experienced marketing partner.

Our agency has worked with clients across a wide variety of industries to improve CTRs by consulting on paid advertising campaigns and increasing organic search rankings. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in discussing a partnership.

Evan Bailyn

Evan Bailyn is a best-selling author and award-winning speaker on the subjects of SEO and thought leadership. Contact Evan here.