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Organic Traffic Benchmarks by Industry 

Organic Traffic Benchmarks Tn

How much organic traffic is “good” for a website? This is a common question about which our agency has a significant amount of data.

The statistics below are organic traffic averages, pulled after 1-2 years of conducting marketing campaigns. They are not benchmarks for new websites, but rather sites that have dedicated some resources to marketing. (Because they’re our clients, they have all invested in SEO.) Our data comes from 50+ companies, split ~78% B2B and 22% B2C. 

Average Organic Traffic Benchmarks by Industry

Industry Average Monthly Traffic
(Unique Sessions)
Annual Growth %
Aerospace & Defense 12,115 37%
Addiction Treatment 22,561 84%
Automotive 16,017 29%
Aviation 6,129 30%
B2B SaaS 21,410 41%
Biotech 7,443 108%
Commercial Insurance 11,295 39%
Construction 10,602 99%
Cybersecurity 19,450 36%
eCommerce 24,572 38%
Engineering 7,109 29%
Entertainment 31,247 67%
Environmental Services 6,710 36%
Financial Services 8,921 35%
Higher Education & College 24,335 26%
HVAC Services 11,103 30%
Industrial IoT 9,897 92%
IT & Managed Services 12,206 45%
Legal Services 11,704 21%
Manufacturing 8,014 37%
Medical Device 7,980 40%
Oil & Gas 8,023 55%
PCB Design & Manufacturing 20,017 29%
Pharmaceutical 24,781 22%
Real Estate 11,733 31%
Software Development 19,704 44%
Solar Energy 10,551 30%
Transportation & Logistics 7,907 35%

How to Increase Your Organic Traffic

The factor that has the single largest impact on organic traffic is search rankings: Research shows that the top 3 search results receive more than 68% of all clicks on the Google Search page. In other words, the best way to increase your website’s organic traffic is through investing in SEO, specifically thought leadership-based SEO.

Thought leadership-based SEO is a marketing strategy that relies on understanding what prospects are searching and providing them with authoritative answers to their queries. Rather than focusing entirely on selling a product or service, the thought leadership approach creates highly satisfying content that both builds trust with your audience and attracts high-quality backlinks organically. The process can be broken down into four elements, listed in the table below.

How to Conduct a Thought Leadership-Based SEO Campaign

Element Explanation
1 Identify your target audience and understand their search intent Ask your team: Who is likely to be interested in your product? What kind of pressures are they under? What goals do they have? Develop customer personas using these criteria to get an understanding of the language and approach content teams should use to best reach them. 
2 Create a Hub & Spoke Content Plan

Niche expertise is a key factor in Google’s algorithm. The Hub & Spoke model focuses your content and keyword targets around 4-6 topics, signaling to Google that your website is one such niche expert. This provides a structure for both your content creation, and allows your site to rank more highly than websites Google sees as general-purpose.

Each spoke keyword you target should contain the hub keyword in its entirety. For example, a SaaS company targeting a “project management” hub would include “project management software” and “project management solutions” in their spokes.

3 Create quality content 

What you write is the ultimate test of whether or not you are reaching your target audience. Thought leadership content focuses on providing readers with insights first and foremost, eliminating ambiguous phrases or colloquialisms in favor of straightforward language that sounds like it’s coming from an expert.

Write in the appropriate industry language for your audience. For example, the SaaS industry will often refer to their customers as “users.” Writing “users” in your thought leadership signals to SaaS readers that you’re familiar with their problems and pain points.

4 Measure, Evaluate, and Refine The hardest step of the process is knowing that you will likely get it wrong. Marketers need to pay close attention to relevant SEO metrics using benchmarks to set KPIS and course-correcting based on campaign results. Improving organic traffic is a naturally slow process, however, with at least 4-6 months necessary before rankings begin to rise.

Mastering SEO is a discipline that takes years of experience to truly understand, making it difficult for most in-house teams to execute. As a result, many companies choose to outsource the heavy lifting to an experienced partner. Our agency specializes in thought leadership campaigns to grow organic traffic and generate leads. We are a full-service SEO agency that handles every step of the campaign listed above in addition to web development services to bring your campaign from start to finish. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss a partnership.

Evan Bailyn

Evan Bailyn is a best-selling author and award-winning speaker on the subjects of SEO and thought leadership. Contact Evan here.

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